Self Doubt Sucks. You Don’t!

Of course you are!

You are absolutely, positively awesome. And you KNOW that.



Self-Doubt? Instant 45 Second Solution!

I woke up feeling a little “less than”.

Out of sorts somehow, and just not settled.

Now call me weird or whatever…

But something I learned a long time ago is one of the fastest, most profound ways to change how you FEEL at any given moment is to change your BODY.

Not your mind. Not what you are saying as you are talking to yourself. Your body.

Change your body and you literally change your brain’s chemistry which… like magic!… literally changes how you feel.

Instantly! Just like that!!

So I created a short little PHYSICAL routine I use whenever I catch myself feeling a bit fuzzy, out-of-tune or out-of-sorts and it works like a charm to instantly put me in a better place. Kinda goofy, but give it a shot. There really isn’t any magic in my routine – it’s in DRAMATICALLY MOVING your body. That’s it.

I noticed I was feeling LOW… so I sang a goofy song OUT LOUD (my family is used to it!) while physically acting out what I was singing. It went something like this:

I feel LOW and SLOW (as I slowly bend down at my waist and bend my knees to get lower) and so I JUMP for the sky and reach as HIGH as I can… and HIGH AS I CAN (dramatic jump, power stretch pose, stretch even higher!) and I’ll do it again because I can. I ONCE felt LOW and SLOW… etc., etc., repeated once.

Give it a shot because it’s actually kinda fun to realize YOU have control.

Self-Doubt? HALT!

Wasn’t that intense?

Did you feel the blood rush into your ears and your scalp begin to tingle?

Are you kinda laughing at yourself right now? LOL

Once you find yourself in a better emotional state, take a moment and work through this little exercise and I’m confident you’ll have to agree how you FEEL has nothing to do with who you are. Because…

YOU Absolutely, Positively ROCK!

And when you don’t feel like the rockstar you are… chance are… you just need to HALT, pay attention – and go give someone a hug or a punch in the nose, get a bite to eat or take a nice long nap and you’ll be golden.

  • Hurt – do you feel physically or emotionally hurt?
  • Angry – are you feeling angry or frustrated right now?
  • Lonely – feeling lonely? Isolated? Unheard?
  • Tired – feeling physically, emotionally or spiritually tired?

I’ve found I most vulnerable to feelings of self doubt and low self esteem when I am either feeling hurt, angry, lonely or tired. And NONE of those have anything to do with ME, my knowledge, skill, heart, spirit or anything of meaningful value.

  • You can be hurt and still ROCK.
  • You can be angry and still ROCK.
  • You can be lonely and still ROCK, and
  • You can be tired and still ROCK.

When in ‘self-doubt’ – HALT and check it out.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore


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