Hi, my name is Rob Fore…

Since 1996, my wife Lisa and I have built numerous six-figure, even multiple six-figure businesses working part-time in our spare time online.

We use a simple 5-step system that has never failed to produce a result.


In a nutshell…

  • Pick a product to promote
  • Research to discover profitable keywords
  • Produce compelling, value-added content
  • Publish content (blog post, article, forum post, video)
  • Promote the content to rank using a variety of SEO tools and/or run paid ads to scale

We teach how to create wealth on the fast track by creating multiple streams of income.

Home Business Income Opportunities

Currently we profitably promote all of these proven programs…

  • SendOutCards – can you make money well wishes to the universe? We have for over 10 years!! Check it out and bless someone’s life today… on me. (We currently rank top 20 income earners in the company with a team of over 7,000 builders worldwide.)
  • Wealthy Affiliate – need a blog? hosting? keyword research? ran tracking? huge community to give you INSTANT help 24/7? Check out WA. You can sign up free and earn 20% affiliate commissions while you learn… or upgrade for only $49, get immediate access to advanced training and earn a solid 40% residual monthly commission. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program to all beginners (meaning you have NOT made much money yet online).
  • 100 Days to $4,000 Per Month – this program is taught by Russel Brunson and present another opportunity for you to earn while you learn. Russel takes you step by step from brand new BEGINNER to generating leads to making sales and scaling your business, income and lifestyle to the tune of $4,000 (or more!) per month in 100 days (or less!). This is a proven program that works if you put in the work. This 100 day challenges has created multiple millionaires. Check it out.
  • Traffic AuthorityNeed more traffic? One of the biggest challenges to making money online – especially if you are promoting a business opportunity or anything related to making money… is getting qualified people to see your best offers. Traffic domination gives you the ability to buy quality traffic, sell quality pay-per-click traffic and make nice affiliate commissions along the way.

Traffic Authority

We create multiple streams of income on purpose to protect our financial future. Because

If you put ALL of your financial eggs in one basket, what happens if you drop that basket?

You wind up with egg on your face!

Which has happened to me and my family in the past, where we had JUST ONE income stream and…

  • The economy changed
  • We made a wrong decision
  • The company went out of business
  • You get fired or laid off
  • You get sick and simply cannot work

… and the next thing you know, you’re bankrupt and financially destitute.

Been there. Done that. And it will NEVER happen again.

Today we might lose one or two income streams for whatever reason and it would be a BUMMER, but not catastrophic.

Plus, by using any number of the tools… you can easily recover that lost income stream by just adding yet another product, service, tool or business opportunity to your “income producing inventory.”

Recommended Tools

Here is a list of internet marketing tools and SEO tools I use in my business.

Keyword Research

Domains & Hosting

Article Spinners

Articles & Article Writing Software

SEO Tools for Backlinking/Ranking

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore