The Day Everything Changed


I’ll never forget the day.

The doctor walked in, cleared his throat and said,

I’m sorry. You have cancer. It’s terminal. You have two years, tops. You may want to get your affairs in order.

And in that moment, everything changed…

Because we DID NOT have medical insurance and we DID NOT have life insurance and I realized – right then, in that moment – that I was two years away from leaving my family destitute and penniless.

Which was unacceptable.

So I HAD TO figure out a way to create a passive, residual income FAST – with limited time and energy – to make sure my family would be taken care of financially even if I was no longer physically present to make it happen.

Now call me crazy but the only thing I could think of to do was build a network marketing business – even though I had FAILED MISERABLY six times before!

(Yeah, crazy!)

Long story short…

I knew the only way to virtually GUARANTEE success was to find a few people who were already having success… dig deep to discover what they were doing… and literally copy their proven model.

Which is what I did – and it worked!

Within 18 months we had built a team of thousands and were making a nice six-figure residual income. (Oh, and we beat the cancer but that’s a story for another day!)

So what was the BIG SECRET?

Leads and marketing.

Lead prosperity leads to prosperity!

Today I recommend everyone start with learning how to embrace ATTRACTION marketing online using a program called MLSP.

It costs only $2 to check it out.

I also recommend you join a program that offers HUGE PROFIT POTENTIAL like Empower Network – because it is just as easy to make a $1,000 commission as it is to make a $10 commission. The “work” is exactly the same.

I also recommend you GET STARTED NOW because if not now, when?

Get in, get busy and let’s work together to make 2013 your LAUNCH year.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

PS – COMMENT and share a day, time or event that had a profound effect on your life or the life of others…

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