Business Manager – A Great New Facebook Marketing Tool

facebook marketing toolYou may not have heard of the great new Facebook marketing tool Business Manager because this improvement is an unannounced program targeted toward large businesses and agencies wishing to make the most of marketing via social media.

It provides an excellent way of managing numerous pages and ad campaigns using a single interface.

Business Manager is a real insider find because it is not currently intended for public use. Instead, the intent was to release it in a very limited manner to a specific, targeted set of businesses and agency clients.

This new dashboard is intended to resolve issues that have historically made using Facebook as a business marketing tool extremely difficult and confusing. Once it has been tested out, the intention is to release it to large agencies and businesses; however, no schedule for this was established.

What Does Business Manager Do?

The Business Manager Facebook marketing tool will allow administrators to control advertising accounts and pages from one central location. In the past, it has been necessary for members of marketing teams to fabricate Facebook accounts in order to manage business pages. This isn’t necessary anymore.

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Now, with Business Manager, there is no need to provide personal Facebook information or other identifying information in order to manage a business page.

This is all great news; however, it is uncertain as to who exactly will have access to this excellent tool when it is eventually released. Currently, Facebook maintains that it will only be available to large businesses and agencies.

It is uncertain whether or not this limitation will hold. If you want to find out more about Business Manager and sign up to be on the waiting list, you can contact a sales representative at Facebook by going to:

Just fill out the handy online form.

How Can this Facebook Marketing Tool Help Your Business?

If you are able to get access to this new Facebook marketing tool, you are sure to find managing your business pages much easier. Here are the functions various representatives of your agency or business will be able to perform using this new tool:

* Your business administrator will be able to manage every part of business settings. He or she will have the ability to add or remove members, modify the account or delete it.

* Advertising account administrators will be able to manage every aspect of advertising campaigns. This will include account permissions, billing, establishing payment methods, reporting and setting spending limits for the advertising account.

* Page administrators will be able to view insights and create ads. They will also be able to post and send messages as the Page and manage Page roles.

* Page editors will also be able to post and send messages as the Page. They will also be able to edit the page, view insights and create advertisements.

* The page moderator will also be able to create ads, view insights, send messages and respondĀ  to comments or delete them as the Page; however, they will not be able to post new topics as the Page.

* Page advertisers will be able to view insights and create ads, but they will not be able to post as the Page.

* Account advertisers will be able to view advertisements and edit them. They will also have access to the associated payment method, which will enable them to set up advertisements.

* Your business employees will be able to view all of the information on the dashboard, but they will not be able to make changes.

* The advertising account analyst will be able to view ad performance.

*The page analyst will only be able to view the insights.

Facebook marketing should be greatly simplified with Business Manager!

It is easy to see that with the new Facebook marketing tool, Business Manager, large agencies and businesses will be able to delegate a lot of page management and design to numerous individuals. The benefit of using the Business Manager dashboard is that these individuals will not need to deal with the confusion and inconvenience of managing false Facebook personae in order to work effectively on the business page.

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