Network Marketing Lead Generation

If you are honestly serious about building a profitable network marketing business you should be spending 80-90% of your time sponsoring and recruiting.

Meaning, if you have two hours available to build your business every evening, you should be spending a minimum of an hour and a half CONNECTING with people, DIRECTING them to a simple presentation and FOLLOWING UP to collect a decision. Because there is no other “more important” money-making activity for you to do.

The challenge is, once you’ve approached all the people you know – family, friends, co-workers, and community leaders – who do you connect with now?

How do you go about making those new connections?

Enter the wonderful world of…

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Network Marketing Lead Generation

Study the business building methods of the top income earners in any mlm opportunity and you’ll discover the “HOW” is across the board.

In my company, within the top 20 income earners, you find a few who have built their business almost entirely belly-to-belly. Meeting new people, initiating a conversation, and guiding them to look at the opportunity is their preferred method of network marketing lead generation.

  • Others brought in a team of people (who also had a team) from another company – and this laid a solid foundation for profit.
  • Others started by holding small opportunity meetings in their homes, then expanded into the homes of their new distributors and now hold large hotel and motel meetings on a weekly basis.
  • A few have actually purchased generic business opportunity seeker leads and make the initial connection by picking up the phone and qualifying them in regards to interest, energy and motivation.

And still others have built their business entirely by using a “funded proposal” model which means they lead with an inexpensive report, ebook, DVD training, or tool – get paid for the sale upfront, then backend the business to this new, highly qualified mlm lead.

So while the “HOW” is often dramatically different, the common denominator to every top producer is they spend the majority of their time and effort connecting, presenting and following up with new people on a consistent basis over an extended period of time.

Network Marketing Lead Generation Using Funded Proposals

The beauty behind using the “funded proposal” method of network marketing lead generation is that you get paid to promote your business even if no one ever joins your business, if you do it correctly.

It also lends itself to being more of a sales and marketing approach, which can be expanded, versus a one-to-one approach which is hard to expand because we all only have so much time.

Another HUGE benefit to this model, I think, is it helps get you and your team into almost immediate profit. Which is important. Because the faster you can help someone get a check, the more likely they will stick around long enough to find “their way” to building a solid business.

Network Marketing Lead Generation – Live Example

I recently started promoting a new network marketing lead generation and branding TOOL. The tool costs $49.95 per month and pays a fair $15 to $25 per month commission for each sale.

The tool is designed to help anyone in network marketing generate more leads, create a nice secondary cash flow, and help promote “whatever” on the back end. So the MARKET for this tool is huge. I mean, there are roughly 20 million people at any one time active in the mlm arena. So tools, training, leads and systems are always top sellers.

My goal over the next 12 months is to use this program to create an additional 100k per year passive income AND use it to create at least 100 new mlm leads for my primary business on a daily basis.

So like a rather lofty goal, doesn’t it? But if we simply “reduce the goal down to the ridiculous” – we’ll see not only is it possible to product this result, it’s more than probable.

Let’s break it down…

  • $100,000 / 12 months = $8,334.00 per month
  • $8,334 / $25 = 334 subscribers

Now let’s assume a 50% attrition rate because people do quit. I don’t understand why because quitters NEVER win, but they do. So we have to account for that. Which means we need to double the amount of subscribers to 668.

  • 668 subscribers / 12 months = 56 new subscribers

So we need 56 new subscribers per month to produce the result we are looking for. Which works out to 1.86 subscribers per day.

Now, I’ve noticed I’m averaging ONE NEW LEAD per day for every article I publish and promote that ranks on Google… and we’re are getting one new tool sign up for every 30 network marketing leads generated.

  • 1.86 subscribers x 30 mlm leads = 56 leads per day

Bottom Line? We need to find a way, or a combination of ways, to produce 56 new optin leads per day. That’s it!

So from where I’m sitting it looks like I’ll need only 56 articles THAT RANK on Google to produce this result. And since I know I won’t strike gold every time I swing the pick… I figure I’ll have to do three times as many articles to get 56 to rank – which works out to 168 articles.

Now let’s say I can research, write (or outsource) and promote one new article every 2 hours.

If I have two hours, three days a week, that works out to 13 articles per month.

  • 13 x 12 months = 156 which is PRETTY CLOSE to the 168 needed.

Seems like NOW we have a viable plan so it’s time to commit to working the plan… one new article 3x a week for the next year.

Put the blinders on and just make it happen. No more excuses, no more fiddling, no more wasting time looking for a “magic pill” that doesn’t exist.

Make sense? Reduce your network marketing lead generation goals down to the ridiculous so they do not look so challenging.

Work out the PRODUCTION PLAN to make it happen…then focus and just go get it done.

And REMEMBER, most important, once the leads start to flow – CONNECT with people.

Leading with a funded proposal or any other type of network marketing lead generation system is only the MEANS to the end of having more people to TALK TO.

This business is all about relationships. Sponsoring and recruiting!

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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