Business Opportunities with USANA Review

usana reviewUSANA is regarded as a leading American company in the nutrition and health fields.

The company has assisted many individuals worldwide with network marketing programs and trusted products in this USANA review.

USANA History

USANA manufactures and develops nutritional supplements of high-quality, personal care products and weight management products.

These products are all marketed by individual independent associates in 18 of the international markets.

USANA started in 1992, and has managed to achieve a number of milestones, earned a well known recognition from various industry experts and received many prestigious awards.


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USANA is known as a direct type of market selling company. Independent associates sell and distribute personal care and scientifically based nutrition products. The network marketing programs are innovative and offer a balanced and a fair compensation plan for ambitious and average Associates.


USANA features three brands that include: Sense beautiful science, USANA foods and USANA Nutritionals featured in this USANA review.

Sense – Beautiful Science
These USANA self-preserving patented personal-care and skin products provide the most up to date breakthroughs related to the science in personal and skin care. The products have ingredients that  replenish and refine the skin at a cellular level.

These snack and meal replacements contain macronutrients that the body needs in order to sustain energy, maintain weight and build a healthy body.

USANA Nutritionals
A combination of Optimizers and Essentials, these products have been designed in order to provide antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and various other compounds  for optimal health.

USANA Review – Business Opportunities

For individuals interested in joining USANA, there is an opportunity to start earning in the first week just by purchasing products and sharing with others. The compensation plan provides six different ways in which to earn an income. In addition, the program offers anyone a chance to receive commission checks on a weekly basis.

Individuals who join up have access to events, conference calls, downloads, trainings, tips, helpful tools, and more worldwide. The Auto Order program means no having to deal with types of product inventory, and orders are shipped directly to the customer. The program is flexible and allows for anyone to work how, when and where they like.

With USANA the business opportunity allows for team building in various countries without the hassle involved with currency conversions and compensation plans. USANA is set apart due to the science behind each product. Each product is based on cutting-edge research and proven science.

USANA is a proud member of the  Direct Selling Association and the family includes a number of extraordinary people from different backgrounds, genders and ages. The only costs involved in joining up is for the – Business Development System-, this contains everything needed to start up. This tried and proven successful system costs a mere $30 US.

Compensation Plan

In 2011, the Net sales for USANA were around $582 million. USANA currently operates in 18 countries, including: United States, Belgium, France, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the Caribbean, The United-Kingdom, Canada, New-Zealand and Australia. In addition, Baby Care a wholly-owned subsidiary of USANA, operates a business in direct-selling in China.

USANA has an unmatched -Binary- compensation plan that offers several ways for associates to earn commission on a weekly basis. This is based on the ability in selling the USANA range of products to customers and compensation for building organizations of – Independent Associates- who are doing the same thing. Some of the compensation plans include in this USANA review:

Retail Sales
Associates are able to earn a profit on sales of products when there is a difference in the retail price and preferred price set. The recommended price is generally set at 10% over what is known as the preferred price.

Weekly Commissions
Associates are able to earn 20% commission on their weekly – Group Sales Volume- that has been accumulated among preferred customers and organizations of the Associates. This accumulation generates volume through the product sales. Unlike many other types of compensation plans, additional volumes can be carried over to the next week.

Other compensations include a – Lifetime Matching Bonus- where the associate receives lucrative awards for assisting newer members in duplicating their own success. This means the associate is able to receive a match to a set percentage of the commission volume that have been generated by the personally sponsored associate who has managed to reach the levels of Premier Pace Setters and the -Premier- Platinum Pace Setters.

In addition, the associate can receive this incentive for the lifespan of their business. This bonus is a unique offer from USANA and is one of the easiest ways in which to boost one’s income faster.

Associates can find ways in which to energize their businesses by participating in challenging contests, leadership incentives and building teamwork. USANA offers its members all types of incentives throughout the year.

Leadership Bonus
When an associate is able to reach top-leader stage by assisting others in succeeding they become eligible to receiving profit shares for sales performances. Each week USANA keeps 3% of commissionable volumes and then divides this commission between qualifying Gold Directors and those above in supporting training and building leaders. Once the associate is able to advance past the Gold level, the shares increase exponentially every week. This helps to accumulate wealth in a much faster way.

Elite Bonus
This is a type of additional incentive for those who strive for excellence. The more the associate earns, the more his or her business grows along with better types of rewards. The approximate pay out each quarter is $1,000, 000.

Success Stories
As with most businesses, success with USANA will require dedication and extremely hard work. However, thousands of people have accepted the challenges and are committed to do what is required to succeed. Many of the success stories is about people that were their doubts about getting involved and today highly successful and wealthy individuals.

However, these people now reap in massive rewards just by taking the leap of faith in starting up their own businesses and helping others to achieve success along the way.


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