How to Build an Online Business

Want to know how to build an online business fast?

Believe it or not, the key is to stop selling.


How to Build an Online BusinessI know, it sounds a bit crazy…

… but the real world reality is if you are serious about “building an online business” fast…

Be that internet marketing (where you sell your own products and services), network marketing (where you seek to build a passive, residual income by leveraging the power of teams) or affiliate marketing (where you profit by selling other people’s products and services)…

The KEY is to stop interrupting people with an AD or a PITCH about your deal and, instead, start creating and sharing information of value to those same people in your market space.

Think of it this way…

It has been said people who go to Home Depot to buy a drill (a product) really don’t want a drill – they want a perfect hole.

So instead of pitching them on the benefits of your drill, share with them a few tips, tricks and inside secrets about HOW to drill a perfect hole.

Make sense? Of course…

How to Build an Online Business by Becoming a CREATOR

As you may or may now know, my wife Lisa and I have been building an online business since 1996.

Since 1996, we have built five six-figure even multiple six-figure business working part-time in our spare time online and… today… we actually spend most of our time TEACHING YOU how you can do the same thing: “How to Build an Online Business” fast. Because it really is a lot easier than most people think, once you embrace a few simple concepts and take action on what you have learned.

Our first internet business was launched way back in 1996 when I digitized a MARKETING SYSTEM we were selling in the dirt-world for real estate agents and brokers.

At the time we were placing full-page ads in various professional trade journals and we sold the system for $497. It cost us $70 to print and ship the product.

When sales started to slow, we moved everything to the internet which reduced our delivery costs AND expanded our market.

Now, instead of placing expensive full-page ads, we started PROMOTING the business by authoring various “how to” articles and we got the articles syndicated for FREE in the various online real estate web sites.

We were now learning HOW to build our business by creating VALUE FIRST.

  • We created valuable “how to” articles
  • We created valuable “how to” videos
  • We created a “done for you” weekly newsletter
  • And more. Much more.

We stopped PITCHING (which reduced our advertising costs) and started CREATING and sharing value.

And it worked. We had learned exactly “how to build an online business” – FREE. Amazing…

How to Build an Online Business by Becoming SOURCE

I’ve known Diane Hochman for years. She is a master marketer who teaches people just like you how to BRAND THEMSELVES and how POSITION THEMSELVES in the market place so they will be perceived as being the “go to” person in that space. The SOURCE of all things good and profitable and fun within that space.

Her methods are pure genius and I encourage you to reach out to her.

Watch this video now to learn more about how to build an online business fast by becoming source because when you GET THIS RIGHT – you will literally be able to write your own 1st-class ticket to success.

If you are serious about building an online business fast… start creating VALUE and make it easy for people within your niche to find your content. In time, all roads will lead back to you as SOURCE and you will find you really can build a profitable business FREE while everyone else pays through the nose to make it happen.

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Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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