SEO Secrets: Create Your Own Craigslist Video Ads

Craiglist Video Ads

One of the fastest, easiest, least expensive ways to sell anything LOCAL is to use Craigslist video ads.

If you want your Craigslist video ads to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to put some effort in.

If you’re interested in learning one easy trick that will help your ad stand out then read on.

In fact, you can learn to post a Craigslist video in less time than it would take to cook dinner or wash your car! By just following the few simple steps we’ve outlined in the article, you’ll be a Craigslist advertising pro.

First, it’s important to understand that Craigslist is very restrictive about what HTML is allowed in their ads.

However, there is a secret way to share videos with your audience. This useful tutorial will be sure help you get more results from your Craigslist ads! Most people simply place a simple hyperlink to their YouTube videos within their Craigslist video ads.


However, that’s not the most effective way to get results. Chances are most viewers are going to skip right past a text link without even viewing your video ad.

The Secret Way to Post Craigslist Video Ads

While you can’t really get around the embedded HTML restriction, there is a secret way to post video. This is because Craiglist has a special filter to help prevent spam – but not to worry, as you won’t be spamming Craigslist’s users.

Craigslist does, however, allow hyper-linked images in their ads. Knowing how to utilize this feature to your advantage is the key. Just follow the simple steps below to get started!

  • Create your video ad and upload it to YouTube. There are variety of products you can use to create video ads. After you create your video ad upload it to YouTube. If you need help with this part, YouTube has a wide range of easy-to-watch tutorials on the subject.
  • After your video has been uploaded to YouTube, navigate to your personal YouTube page –> Click “Share” –> Then Click “Embed” Copy the code that YouTube gives you and paste into plain text program like “Notepad.” Save this document in an easy to find folder on your computer.
  • Take a snapshot of your YouTube Video page. Navigate to your YouTube Video page and press “Alt + Print” on your keyboard. This will take a snapshot of your page and save it to your computer’s clipboard.
  • Now, open an easy to use photo editing program (for example: Paint) and press CRTL + V on your keyboard. This will paste your snapshot into the editor. Use Paint’s crop feature to crop your photo so that only the video image appears.
  • Next, use a free photo host like “photobucket” to upload your picture to the Internet. After you upload the picture, save the image URL so you can find it later.
  • When you create your Craigslist ad, type this HTML code into the ad. Replace the parts in quotations with your saved image URL and Embed code.

<img src=”IMAGE URL”>

Who is this Meant For?

Your ad will now have a great video included with it.

This is a great way to allow potential buyers to view your video on Craigslist. Who is this great for?

If you are a realtor or have a unique product for sale, a video ad is just smart marketing.

Google now owns YouTube and this makes having YouTube videos a must for any marketing efforts. Also, YouTube is a strong contender when it comes to SEO marketing; it’s often held the #2 spot when it comes to SEO market share. While Craigslist is one of the most popular English-language websites around.

By simply leveraging the power of YouTube and Craigslist together, you will definitely increase the marketing exposure for your business.
If you don’t want to create your own Craigslist video ads, there are number of design services who will do so for you. They can provide help with keyword placement as well.


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