People do not like to be sold, but we certainly LOVE to buy things!

The human BUYING CYCLE can be broken down into four distinct stages:

  • Awareness of Challenge, Pain or Problem
  • Research & Information Gathering
  • Solution Comparison & Risk Reduction
  • Purchase

In the first phase a potential prospect becomes aware of a problem. For example…

A new parrot owner suddenly discovers parrots get bugs.

This new realization might bring up any number of questions like NEED TO be resolved, which initiates the RESEARCH phase:

  • What is this bug?
  • How do I get rid of it?
  • What else do I need to do to resolve this problem?

During the research phase your BEST PROSPECTS will be introduced to different products and services and will start to make comparisons. Benefit versus benefit. Feature versus feature.

Comparison searches are now starting to lean HEAVILY toward becoming a “buying keyword” phrase with commercial intent because the consumer has begun to NARROW DOWN their final consideration list.

The final phase is evidenced when the consumer starts searching for a way to actually purchase online! And, ideally, this is exactly where you want to make sure your OFFER ranks front and center and you earn the click.

How to Find Buying Keywords Using Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. Jaaxy makes it very easy to discover the exact words and phrases your BEST PROSPECTS actually TYPE IN when searching for and buying whatever it is you promote online.

In this 12-minute video, I outline the process I use to find buying keywords with commercial intent.



Once you have a prioritized buyer intent keyword list, use that list as a guide to create content that converts.

You may be able to create one ‘authority post’ and cover most, if not all, of the keywords with obvious commercial intent in one post – but don’t count on it. Due your due diligence when researching. Don’t be lazy. Dig deeper than the competition is willing to dig and you will find treasure that will forever remain hidden from the competition.

32 Buying Keywords with Commercial Intent