Does Affiliate Article Marketing Still Work?

affiliate article marketingSome pretty famous marketers have suggested that affiliate article marketing might be the one truly effective method of marketing left today on the Internet.

Done correctly, it can produce great returns on your investment.

Unlike other things you might spend money on in order to promote your business, your articles can keep making you money for months and even years in the future.

What Is Affiliate Article Marketing?

People turn to the Internet for information, entertainment, and opinions about a variety of topics. These Internet browsers stop to read content that answers their questions, makes them laugh, or engages them in some way.

Utilized correctly, that content can also help convince them to buy or learn more about products and services that marketers want to promote. Articles are one form of content, but other forms include videos, graphics, and surveys.

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What Do Good Articles Have In Common?

The best articles that are used for marketing have certain aspects in common:

— They actually do inform, educate, entertain, or express an opinion.

— There are written in a way that keeps the reader’s attention because Internet users have very short attention spans.

— They lead into convincing readers to perform an action, and that action might be clicking through to your website to learn more, filling out a lead form, picking up the phone, or even buying a product online.

Where Are Articles Published?

Of course, if you want to make affiliate article marketing work for your business, you need to find places to publish your articles where they can be read. As a marketer, you have some choices to make about that. In the end, you will probably want to test some different options in order to see which ones work best.

Here Are Some Places Where You Can Publish Your Articles:

— You can publish on your own website or blog, and this is certainly where you should post your very best content. These articles can help you sell, but they can also help you establish your brand and build credibility as a trusted resource in your niche.

— You can ask the owners and managers of other popular sites and blogs to post your articles as a guest post. Many of these site owners will allow you to link back to your site in a resource box or even in the article in exchange for your content. Remember that your good content has value, and you should get something good in return.

— You can try article directories. Some people actually do find articles on these sites, read them, and click through. This does not work as well as it used to, but it still has a place in your overall marketing efforts.

Solve Problems Rather Than Sell

Internet users are getting sophisticated, and they can spot a sales letter a mile away. Of course, your goal is to sell products or services. But you also need to provide some value if you want to have effective articles. You may not know what you can say about blenders, shoes, or insurance. Take a moment to think about things you would like to know about these topics.

— Are you promoting blenders? Why not come up with some good recipes for smoothies or other treats that are easy to make in a blender? At certain points in the article, you can mention why the particular product you want to promote is a good choice for the reader’s kitchen or this particular set of recipes.

— Are you promoting running shoes? Mention features of shoes that help prevent injuries and provide support for people with different foot problems. Of course, tie that into the fact that your product provides all of these essential benefits.

— Are you trying to sell insurance? Come up with answers to common insurance questions or news about topical insurance issues. It should not be that hard to find these solutions. Of course, do not present yourself as an agent if you are not, and always tell people they need to speak with a company or agent to be sure of the right answer for their own location.

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