Cashing In On Your Affiliate Marketing Blogs

affiliate marketing blogsSo you’ve finally put together one or two affiliate marketing blogs.

They look good, you’ve carefully chosen what products to promote and you’ve cleared some time on your schedule every day to work on them.

Now what? How do you set the wheels in motion and start making money? How do you separate yourself from the competition?

How do you really cash in on the lucrative opportunity before you?

Start Building Relationships With Readers

People buy things from sites they trust, which means you must form an instant relationship with your audience. How do you accomplish this? First, by knowing why they came to your blog in the fist place. Give them “eureka” moments when they read the text on your pages. Immediately reassure them that they’ve come to the right place.

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Second, give them a reason to trust you. You can do this through problem solving, either helping them to resolve an issue yourself, or showing them how your product will solve problems for them.

Learn How To Generate Real Traffic

Linking your blogs to reputable and relevant sites will give them more authority with search engines. Getting other bloggers to post on your site will bring in more traffic, as will promoting your blogs on social media. The idea is to introduce yourself to all major search engines, then give them good reasons to point people in your direction thereafter. Tap into the resources of industry leaders, and ride a few coattails on your way to the top.

Promote With Total Professionalism

Doing or saying whatever it takes to make a sale is a very short-term practice. If you fail to promote with professionalism, you’re just going to make a few sales before your readers conclude that you’re not trustworthy, if any. Build your name with dignity and calculated character.

Not only will customers quickly abandon your blog if you fail to maintain professionalism and trustworthiness, but everyone you’re networked with will too. The Internet is a small place, and word travels quickly there. Don’t do anything to tarnish your reputation, or it will come back to haunt you.

Craft Your Content To Inform, Help And Sell

Updating your affiliate marketing blogs regularly will keep them fresh with major search engines. Google and others have spiders that constantly crawl the web, looking for trends and footprints. Keep adding informational articles to your pages, including your affiliate links throughout. Help people with your words, entertain them with pictures and make life easier for them with your videos.

Inspire them to share what you craft with others. Selling can be a natural consequence of the conclusions people draw from what you say, and it can also be something you instigate with a direct call to action approach.

Sell Space On Your Affiliate Marketing Blogs

As your sites gain in popularity, consider selling space on them to advertisers. This method of monetizing can be very profitable. Appeal to advertisers who reach out to the same type of audience that your blogs attract. Sell space with careful consideration though, because you don’t want to turn off your regular readers with unsightly ads that scream “buy me! buy me!” or otherwise offend.

Look to make connections that pay off for you, your audience and the companies behind the ads. This will not only make money for you now, it will eventually cultivate an entire genre of commercialism on which everyone can capitalize.

Master The Art Of Marketing

Find creative and effective ways of capturing people’s attention, like posting product rundown lists, reviews and comparisons that really get people thinking about how they should spend their money. Post the top 10 ways to accomplish something, but make sure it pertains to what you’re selling. Rinse, repeat and learn to get even better at it.

Moving people to buy isn’t hard, moving people to buy from you takes time and trust. Elevate them in different ways that keep them coming back to your blog. Give them reasons to remain on your pages longer. Feature a personal recommendation with an in-depth analysis, showing them step by step pictures of your experience with the product.

Marketing is technically defined as promoting and selling something; if you learn how to promote well, the sales will follow. Leave no stone unturned with your research, to put yourself in the best position to answer questions accurately. Become known as an authority and respected for your opinions, and you will gain a legitimate following, comprised of people who won’t hesitate to spend with you.

Making real money with affiliate marketing blogs is not that hard, but it does take dedication. You’ve got to know how to do it right, and invest time in the process. Don’t let your sites just sit there, gathering digital dust. Get busy on them now, or you risk looking back on this a year or so from now with serious regret, and most likely empty pockets.

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