Getting Started with ACN Multi Level Marketing

acn multi level marketingACN Multi Level Marketing is a long-running MLM system which involves the sale of utilities, telecoms and internet services as well as B2B specific services.

ACN, Inc. was founded in 1993 as an American company and has since gone on to expand across four continents, offering similar services around the globe.

Is ACN Legitimate?

The MLM part of ACN Multi Level Marketing has caused the company to attract a lot of negative attention, but most of this bad publicity is unwarranted.

While it is true that some MLM schemes are scams, ACN uses a sustainable business model. ACN’s sales staff are “Independent Business Owners” and they are promoting a genuine product.

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This means that unlike disreputable MLM schemes, which place a huge emphasis on recruiting people rather than on actually selling anything of value, ACN’s sales people are focused on bringing in customers that are buying something tangible.

It is true that not all ACN IBOs make a living wage from their efforts, but the same thing can be said of any form of commission based sales job. If you are a good sales person selling a product that you believe in, and you are working in an area that has the correct demographic makeup, you can make a profit.

Starting Up With ACN Multi Level Marketing – Selling Services

ACN offers residential services to homeowners from around the globe. The company has offices in 23 different countries in Europe, Asia, America and the Pacific. Their range of services for consumers includes telephony, gas and electricity, Internet connections and TV services.  Many people who are new to MLM find that promoting ACN products and services is a good entry point because the services are things that people are already familiar with.

Selling is a difficult skill to master. You must build up a rapport with your prospective customers and create an attraction to the thing you are promoting. It is more difficult to persuade someone that they need a new item than it is to sell something that they already use regularly.

Getting someone to switch to ACN instead of sticking with their existing provider is often simply a matter of pointing out how much money they stand to save. In the current economic climate, most people are receptive to the idea of saving money, and this desire to save money outweighs any concern or fear of change.

Selling ACN Services to Businesses

In addition to the residential services offered by ACN, you can also take advantage of ACN Multi Level Marketing products for businesses. The B2B side of ACN, Inc includes gas and electricity services, high speed Internet connections, telephony and merchant services such as payment processing.

If you are nervous about the idea of selling to a homeowner, then B2B selling may be a better starting point. Dealing with a business is different to dealing with a person, and businesses are frequently more receptive to cold-calls. Networking to find the right person to contact, then building up a working relationship with that person, is often less intimidating than trying to sell utilities or telephony products to homeowners.

Making ACN Multi Level Work For You

ACN multi level marketing should be easy, but there are still a lot of people who fail to make money with it. Many of these people fail because they do not take advantage of all of the tools that are available to them.

In this day and age, cold calling and door-to-door sales should not be the core of your business. Take advantage of social media – post on local forums, write blogs about saving money on your utility bills and start a money-saving mailing list.

Use that list to generate leads among Americans that are interested in saving money, and then introduce this little known service – ACN – that offers basic utilities at great prices.

Promoting any product or service -even one for which there is a huge demand – is hard work. However, ACN is not a scam and you can turn it into a profitable business if you take advantage of SEO, social media and offline marketing tactics to build up your business via as many avenues as possible.

Become a local money saving guru, and the commission will flow in.

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