Secrets to Building a Network Marketing Internet Business

My goal is to help you generate 100+ free mlm leads each and every day for your business and get paid even if they do not join your team.

The KEY is to focus on building a business, not just a downline.


Network Marketing Internet Business Secret #1

Understand the internet is only a tool – not a turnkey solution because a web site or blog or Facebook Fan page does not a business make. You must master the art and science of sales, marketing and promotion to grow a network marketing internet business.

Network Marketing Internet Business Secret #2

Think personal involvement, social interaction and community. It’s all about people doing business with people. Building a network marketing internet business is about active participation and contribution – not crass promotion.

Secret #3

Provide high value content to attract high value people. Stayed tuned to radio station – WIIFM – What’s in it for me. Because you can have anything and everything you want out of life if you seek first to help other people get exacty what it is they want out of life. Give first, give freely and give often. Lead with value a content, tools and mlm training.

Secret #4

Think leads. MLM leads are the name of the game, and focus on building a list. Set up an autoresponder and stay in contact because the big money is in your list. The fortune is in the follow up. Not everyone will be ready to do business with you today, but if you stay in contact and continue to provide over-the-top value… many will join you later.

Secret #5

Lead with a funded propasl offer to create instant cash flow regardless if they join your primary network marketing opportunity or not. This way you get paid to generate leads and have moved that much closer to “Building a business, not just a downline.” Think about it this way: If you put all your eggs into one basket… what happens if you drop the basket? Yet if you spread the wealth by creating multiple streams of income, then if one stream dries up it’s a bummer but certainly not catastrophic.

Secret #6

Leverage time-tested mlm lead generation systems proven to work. This saves you from learning how to build and code your own web sites and blogs and frees up your time to “Connect, Direct, and Enroll” because sponsoring and recruiting is where you will find your fortune – not building sites, not posting on Facebook and certainly not Tweeting your Peeps. Use proven lead generation system, spend 20% of your time promoting, and 80% of the time you have available to build your network marketing internet business sponsoring and recruiting.

Secret #7

Teach your team to leverage the same proven mlm lead generation system and to promote hard because simple systems duplicate. Everyone on your team will eventually run out of warm market contacts so you much have a system in place to make contact with people you do not know. As the leader of your mlm business you MUST have an answer to the “Now What?” question when your team presents it. “Now what do I do?” – and you guide them into a simple, proven, online lead generation system.

We Used MLSP to Pull in 22,000+ FREE Leads

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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