MLM Recruiting Secrets

mlm recruiting secrets

Best-Kept MLM Recruiting Secrets

Searching for proven MLM recruiting secrets to take your business to the next level?

Good for you.

Leaders always reveal themselves, and you’ve come to the right place.

Because what you are about to discover is a handful of proven “MLM recruiting secrets” we have used to personally sponsor 30 new network marketing distributors in 30 days and… listen… they all called us!


Improving your MLM recruiting efforts is a simple matter once you wrap your mind around the concept of “promotion versus prospecting” and we are going to take a close, hard look at those differences right here, right now.

MLM Recruiting Secrets

When you break it down, building a profitable network marketing business is pretty simple.

  • You connect with people and uncover a need or want.
  • You present or demonstrate your products or opportunity.
  • You follow up to collect a decision.

Take action and execute those three step on a consistent and regular basis over an extended period of time (think 2-5 years) and you cannot help but build a wildly successful business that can and will continue to pay huge dividends for a very, very long time. The price you’ll have to pay upfront is certainly worth the payoff down the road.

Ray Higdon is one of the best network marketing recruiters alive today.

Ray has sponsored as many as 40 people in 10 days and can teach you all of his network marketing recruiting and sponsoring secrets.

Learning what to say and how to say is one skill you HAVE TO learn if you are serious about taking your business to the next level.

But, as you know, the first challenge often comes pretty quickly…

What Do You Do When You Run Out of Warm Contacts?

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Leads

Lead prosperity leads to prosperity.

In other words, the fastest… easiest way to put your MLM recruiting efforts on the fast track is to find a way to get your product and opportunity in front of new people on a consistent basis.

You need leads. Plain and simple.

Over the years Lisa and I used a number of online MLM recruiting services that promised a turnkey solution to help generate leads, follow up and prompt people to call for more information.

But, frankly, none of them worked well and the MLM recruiting systems they supposedly had to offer really did not amount to much more than generic lead capture pages that left a lot to be desired.

18 months ago things changed in a very big way.

Now it’s your turn…

MLM Recruiting Secrets – MLSP

18 months ago we ran across a program called MLSP or My Lead System Pro and despite hearing from many top producers that this was truly one of the best-kept MLM recruiting secrets of all time… honestly… I wasn’t holding my breath.

Been there. Done that.

Still, we signed up and followed the instructions to get the system set up.

Then we discovered in the training library (there are hundreds of hours of free training available ranging from how to use Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, classified ads, mlm recruiting systems, phone broadcasting, and more… lots more!) that virtually every top producer DOES NOT PROSPECT – they promote – and that is the difference that makes all the difference.

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Stop Prospecting

Prospecting sucks.

MLM Prospecting is you chasing people down and asking them if they might have an interest in learning more about your product, service or business opportunity.

Promoting is learning how to get hot prospects to initiate the relationship… and contact you to learn more.

Promoting is learning how to use automated MLM recruiting systems to generate leads on demand and get paid even if most of these prospects do not ever join your team.

Get Paid Even When People Do Not Join Your Team

Learning the art and science of marketing and promotion (versus cold calling and prospecting) is where you will find all the best-kept MLM recruiting secrets. So do yourself a huge favor and learn more now.

Because it’s time. You deserve it.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

PS – Who else want to discover how to we raked in over 7,000 leads, earned tens of thousands in affiliate commission and get paid even when we sleep? Heavy Hitter MLM Recruiting Secrets


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