The Cost of Success

Cost of Success

What is the real cost of success?

You are considering starting a new business?

Or, perhaps, you have already signed the dotted line and are now involved in a new business.

Wisely, prior to signing the dotted line (or maybe just after), you sat down and had a serious heart-to-heart conversation with yourself and wrote down your dreams and goals.

Because until you have a specific destination in mind and start heading in that direction, you’ll just be walking in circles.

Lots of activity, but getting no where fast.

So you’ve taken the time to write out your short-term and long-term goals as it relates to your new business. Income.

Time spent. Growth. And exit strategy, if necessary. Now it’s time to count…

The Cost of Success

Every worthwhile dream, goal or aspiration will require a considerable amount of time, effort, and even money to realize.

There will always be a “price to pay” in some way, shape or form.

Are you willing and able to pay the cost of success?


Have you ever seriously considered the cost? The price you MUST PAY if you ever hope to be an alumni of the Success Club?

When I first had the idea of using the internet to make a living (about 20 years ago!), I seriously underestimated the cost of success and the price I would have to pay in terms of time invested, energy expended and monies spent learning and building and promoting.

What is the true cost of success? I had NO CLUE and, quite a few times, was taken by surprise when the bill came due.

My first project was to create a training and marketing membership site for real estate agents and brokers at a time when “membership sites” didn’t even exist in our vocabulary.

Plus I had never built a web site… and didn’t have the funds available to hire a web site designer. So I had to pay the price of learning many very foreign things like html, ftp, hosting, dedicated servers, ip numbers, merchant gateways, firewalls and ssl?!

I spent literally hundreds of hoursĀ  late into the wee early morning hours (after putting in a full day at my job), away from my family and it had some negative affects on my relationships.

I spent thousands of dollars we didn’t have and couldn’t afford, over time, for equipment and software and training – without ANY GUARANTEE of success.

So the cost of success was, literally, putting my family and lifestyle at risk of losing what little we did have.

And once the business was up and running there were many more 16-18 hours days, seven day weeks, and lots of stress. Which cost me my health.

Thankfully, the FOCUS and DEDICATION to the cause paid off and we’ve been paying the bills and feeding the dog in style ever since. But there was a price to pay, and there will continue to be a price to pay.

Consider the Cost of Success Your Admission Fee

You cannot “count the cost” of success until you have established exactly what it is you want to accomplish. So make that happen.

Then realize, before you ever get started, there will be a significant price to pay. Are you willing to pay that price? Really? Because quitters never win and winners never quit and it can cost you a lot to win. A lot.

But here’s a thought.

Think back to all the time and money you have spent over the years “fiddling”.

Buying various books, training materials, software, systems and even business opportunities but never really made the commitment to FOCUS and move forward.

Because there was a learning curve involved. Or an investment in time you weren’t willing to make. A TV show you didn’t want to miss or a golf game that was more important.

So the reality is you are already “paying the price” only you aren’t moving forward in the direction you want. You are paying a toll to walk in circles.

Hmm. Perhaps it’s time to make a decision. Draw a line in the sand. And just make things happen – despite the cost.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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