How to Stay Focused on Success

Staying focused on success is important because…

Distractions can be deadly.

Get distracted while driving and accidents happen.

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Get caught up in a good conversation while walking down a public sidewalk and you can wind up walking smack into a pole (I just did this. Jeez…).

Get wrapped up in the minutiae of living life – chores, petty frustrations, TV, fear, laziness and self-doubt – and achieving your dreams and goals won’t be easy.

You have to learn how to stay focused for success if you want to achieve success. In any area of your life. Personal. Professional.

Staying focused on your goals will move you closer to achieving your goals. Getting distracted is waste of time and energy.

How to Stay Focused

The first step, obviously, is to have an object, dream, goal, purpose, plan or activity to focus on. So you MUST do whatever you need to do to find the time to sit down and determine exactly and specifically what it is you want to accomplish.

For me this means getting rid of distractions first. So I’ll be spending the next few hours or days “clearing the clutter” from my office, my work space and my life.

I’ll go through every pile that has mysteriously appeared on my desk. I’ll file that which has been handled, handle that which needs to be handled and toss anything not important.

Same thing with my email folders. Clean them out. File. Handle. Move on.

If I have any pressing issues – people I need to call, “to dos” I’m responsible for, or anything that is causing of a lot of MIND CHATTER – it’s time to handle them. Get it done. Get rid of the distractions.

For example, Lisa and I recently got back from our company’s annual convention and we had the opportunity to spend some time with another couple who are enjoying great success in their business. Top 10 income earners. And they were the picture of health. Slim. Trim. And they had lots of energy. Me? Not so much and THE CONTRAST has been bugging me. Lots of mind chatter…

You need to exercise. You look fat. How can you expect to inspire people when you aren’t the complete package. Would YOU follow a fat man? I bet Lisa didn’t sign up to spend her life with an overweight, out-of-shape guy.

Realizing part of the answer to “How to Stay Focused for Success” is to get rid of ALL distractions… I immediately reactivated my gym membership, threw away an unfinished bag of Riffles potato chips, and SCHEDULED time on my daily calendar to head out to the gym for an hour a day, five days a week.

Amazingly… no more mind chatter about that! Done. Handled.

So now I can STAY FOCUSED on the more important stuff.

How to Stay Focused for Success?

  • Know your outcome – what are you wanting to achieve
  • Get rid of distractions – handle them now.
  • Then make a commitment to the process you believe will take you close to the goal.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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