Tips to be Successful in Video SEO Marketing

video seo marketingSince Web 2.0 allowed people to provide information, post on the web, and make their own sites, many people have taken advantage of video SEO marketing to promote their businesses online.

Internet marketers come to realize that aside from being the best platform to sell products, the internet is also the best platform to market them.

Some business owners who own businesses online or offline use the internet to market their products and services.

Other people even use the internet to recruit people to join them in their networks or to hire people for their online businesses.

Online marketing is indeed the best way to reach prospective customers in the most efficient way. They don’t need to pay that much to promote their products and reach a massive number of people at the same time.

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Additionally, the internet lessens the legwork of advertisement. Some people just use the power of internet through blogs and reviews. There are also forums that are used to promote services of certain company.

SEO Video Marketing and Online Marketing

It has been observed that many people opt for watching videos or listening to podcasts than reading a 500-word blog about a product. Because of this, marketers now use videos to generate leads or prospects who are more likely to want to know more about their products and services. Video SEO marketing has thus emerged as one of the most popular practices in online marketing.

Along with the booming success of blogging to promote services, the web comes up with search engine optimization. SEO is another tool used by some bloggers to highlight some keywords on their blogs so it will appear on search engines. Before, SEO was applicable only to blogs and review but today, it has already surpass the blogs and even videos can now be used with SEO. And so video SEO marketing is now used. Although proven to drive traffic and viewers to the site, video SEO marketing is not a perfect tool as well. Just like the other online tools, it also has flaws.

Despite its flaws, video SEO marketing can be considered one of the best marketing tools that a marketer should utilize in lead generation and product promotion. You just have to go the extra mile to learn about how to do this. It would be wise for you to attend seminars like the free MLM Lead Generation Bootcamp of online network marketer Rob Fore. This will give you the information that you need to use video SEO marketing for your lead generation efforts.

Focus on the Quality of your Video

Videos are powerful. In this era where people learn more through video streams, it is important that you put the quality of your content on top of your list. Before you start thinking of other strategies, make sure that your content is worthy of your viewers time. Make the content relevant and informative.

If your video screams mediocrity where viewers would be disappointed after watching it, you can expect zero sales of your products. Sound quality must be considered as well. If the video has really poor sound quality, you’re not going to keep your viewers for 3 minutes. Videos showing step-by-step instructions are useful and informative. Just don’t make it too serious so you will not bore the viewers.

In video SEO marketing, it is important that you make the videos short, fun, and leave the viewers wanting for more. The content of your videos would definitely reflect the quality of your products and services you offer so make sure to make it better and not worse.

Create a Compelling Title

Potential viewers can be attracted to compelling titles. Make one for your video upload. Create a title that is sure to capture anyone’s attention. Mash up some keywords that are relevant to your topic and use words that are catchy. You can do a little research as to what keywords people are most likely to be interested in. If you find one keyword that is related to your topic, then include that word in your title. The key to creating a compelling title is to put yourself in your viewers’ shoes. Think of the time when your eyes were captured by a slogan, phrase, or title of a magazine. Why were you drawn by the title? Know your reasons and create your very own title with the same enticing factor.

It would help to pay attention to the following elements as well when you do your video SEO marketing:

  • Description

Optimize your video’s description with relevant keywords that reflect your topic. A keyword-rich description will allow your video to be searchable. Another important point worth noting is to make your descriptions short but significant. Avoid creating a long description. Descriptions should tell the viewers what they could expect in the video. If the video is about a product, you can include the specs and advantages on the description. Adding the link of your website on the description is also applicable.

  • Tags

Keywords and phrases are important in video SEO marketing. In creating tags for your videos, avoid using slang terminologies or words that are too difficult to comprehend. Remember that your keywords must revolve around your topic. So for instance, if your topic is all about ‘baking a cake’ then your keywords must revolve around that line. Perhaps you can have keywords such as “cakes,” “baking,” “steps on baking cakes,” and anything related to your topic. Don’t go too far from your topic or don’t make it too general.

  • Links

In online marketing, everyone is connected. A video can now be connected to a website, a social networking site, and another search engine. Therefore, use this to link the video to your website. Let your videos be a portal to your website where more products and related videos are located.

Length is Important in Video SEO Marketing

When creating a video, always keep in mind that the average attention span of a person is 1 minute and 30 seconds and creating a lengthy video would definitely bore your viewers. And so when making videos to promote your products, always make it creative but straight to the point. Too long introduction will not do you any good. Avoid going around the bush and relay your message in the first 30 seconds of the video. Make sure to capture the attention of the viewer in this first 30 seconds to keep them engaged and watching. Your goal in creating a video is to relay your message without boring the people who sees it. So, keep your videos less than five minutes or five minutes at most.

Take Advantage of Embedding Options

Another important factor to be successful in video SEO marketing is making use of embedding options. Allow other user to access the codes of your video by embedding your uploaded videos. It helps the video go viral because users can easily post the code to their blogs and other websites. If many people are posting your video to other sites, you can gain valuable backlinks that would make your video rank higher in search engines like Google.

Video SEO marketing is a great way to market your products online. Although many people already considered using this strategy, some of them failed. This is probably because of not knowing the right things to do. It’s always important to know what to do with the tools that you have. If you have enough knowledge about video SEO marketing, then you can definitely make use of it to your advantage.

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