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Did you know that “sponsored” links only receive 15% of clicks generated by a search?seo

Another 35% of all searches end without the user clicking any link, and a full HALF of all searches result in a click-through to a web site listed in the ORGANIC SEARCH results.

This means you will get far more bang for your buck if you can get your web site, blog or social site pages to rank high on the search engines in the organic search results.

Welcome to the World of SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The reason most PPC ads, sponsored listings, and banner get clicked on far less often than an organic search listing is people simply don’t like to be SOLD, they like to buy.

There is a huge difference.

If I throw an ad in your face you know I’ll be attempting to sell you something.

On the other hand, if you visit you favorite search engine and type in what you are looking for, find something interesting in the organic search results and click through – you are shopping.

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Another huge benefit to getting your web site to rank high on the search engines is all of this traffic is free.

The higher you rank – the more targeted, free traffic you will receive.

The Big Three Search Engines

You should focus your efforts on getting your pages ranked on Google, Yahoo, and Bing – and in that order.

And assuming you have properly coded your pages with a good title, description and relevant content, the HOLY GRAIL of getting rankingĀ  high is links. Lots and lots of incoming links point to your site.

It’s an undisputed fact. The more incoming links a page or web site has, the higher it will rank in organic search.

But not all back links are created equal.

Ideally you want LOTS of links (quantity) from sites around the world.

These can include links from low ranking sites, blogs, forums, profile pages and comments.

You also want QUALITY links from authority sites and sites that have a high Google Page Rank. The higher the PR, the more the valuable that incoming link is.

The profitability of getting a web site to rank high on the search engines for a variety of terms is so important many companies hire full time staff just to build more links.

That’s their only job. There are also a TON of link building services you can invest in as well (though they cost a fortune), and you can even purchase high quality links for a few hundred per month, per link.

Are you starting to get an idea how CRITICAL building links can be to the success of your business?

Killer Quality SEO Link Strategy

One of easiest, least expensive, most powerful way to get a good number (quantity) of links and solid number of quality links to your web site or blog is to use our Rank and Stick SEO service.

One thing you want to stay away from when acquiring links to your site is the use of a link farm.

A link farm is where you agree to put links on your site and the second party agrees to link back to you. This is called a reciprocal link arrangement and the search engines are pretty much on to it.

A link farm may have 1000 users… so you link to 1000 sites and each of the 1000 sites link back to you.

Sounds good, but links farms are easily detected and penalized by the search engines.

One way links are the best you can get.

A one way link is any web site, blog, directory or forum that links to your web site but you do not link back. In other words, you don’t reciprocate. A search engine listing is a type of one-way link. They link to you but you don’t link back.

Our service gets you up to 3,000 ONE WAY LINKS per url – dripped out over a 90 day period. This helps keep the search engines from discovering this killer seo link building strategy.

So what about the quality of links?\

Here’s is an example of the PR ranks for three different sites I’m running. These are all links pointing TO my sites:

Notice the Quality PR4 & PR5 Links

Notice the Quality PR4 & PR5 Links

To purchase these types of links would cost a few hundred PER MONTH.

But here’s the amazing thing…

You won’t have to pay anything close to that… Click Here

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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