Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Mike Dillard literally exploded on the scene almost a decade ago with the release of this first best-seller: Magnet Sponsoring.

Mike Dillard 2018Mike Dillard is an entrepreneur in Austin Texas.

After more than six years of failure, buying leads, cold-calling, and pitching his friends and family members deal after deal after deal, Mike cracked the code and within 18 months, he went from waiting tables, to building his first seven-figure business by the age of 27 and in the process, introduced the world of multi-level-marketing, to modern online marketing strategies.

Today, Mike dedicates his time to mentoring other entrepreneurs on business development, marketing, and investing, so they can achieve their greatest desires in life and business.

He spends his free time pursuing his passion for auto racing, competing in the Baja 1000, Mint 400, SCCA, and PCA.

Over the years I’ve purchased all of his products and the goal of this short magnetic sponsoring review is to give you a quick inside look at the golden nuggets you will find within the 56+ pages of densely written copy.

It’s well worth the read, well worth studying, and well worth having in your library for a resource.

Original Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Eight years ago if you picked up a copy of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring book you would have receive a 100+ page spiral bound 8 x 11 book shipped direct to your via Priority Mail.

Inside you got a short audio CD promoting the virtues of a new nutritional juice product and an invitation to take a look at becoming either a customer or a new distributor. You would have also found a full sized blueprint of his entire attraction marketing, lead generation, funded proposal marketing system.

It was a nice package that certainly caught your attention and kept it.

In fact I remember staying up late into the evening and literally consuming all 10 chapters in one setting… then going back and highlighting the most important parts to me and I my “magnetic sponsoring review” would have certainly been two thumbs up.

At the time the only way you could become an affiliate of Mike’s and earn a commission by using his book to start your own attraction marketing/funded proposal campaign was to join his network marketing downline. You have to join Mike’s team in order to participate. Which, if you think about it, made you really want the “system” even more special because it was not open to just anybody.

It offer was semi-exclusive and YOU were invited!

2018 Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Today I would still say “two thumbs up” for my magnetic sponsoring review, but for different reasons.

Today when you order you get a 56 page instant download. This is a plus because you don’t have to wait to receive a physical copy in the mail.

The book is also more condensed because Mike has taken out the 40+ pages that used to try to sell you into his primary MLM program.

So it’s a quicker read today, but you aren’t missing out on anything important.

You get 9 chapters of uncut, uncensored Mike Dillard.

  • Chapter 1: How to Attract Leaders and Become the Hunted, Instead of the Hunter (Prospecting versus Marketing)
  • Chapter 2: “You Inc.” – How to Create a Real Business with Real Profits with Absolutely Zero Competition
  • Chapter 3: The Attraction Marketing Funded Prosal Business Model I’ve Used to Make Over $50 Million
  • Chapter 4: How to Generate Endless Network Marketing MLM Leads for Free
  • Chapter 5: How To Find The Absolutely Best, Most Highly Qualified Prospects For Your Business
  • Chapter 6: How to Create an Automated Marketing Machine That Recruits New Reps, Trains and Motivates for You
  • Chapter 7: The Million-Dollar MLM Marketing Skill and How to Get It
  • Chapter 8: Becoming a Professional in Your Industry
  • Chapter 9: Core Values for Long-Term Success

He shoots from the hip and tells it like it is. He holds nothing back.

For example, you will learn how and why “old school” network marketing is a slow, painful way to build a business and why it is absolutely critical you get online and start using attraction marketing techniques if you ever want to rub elbows with the top income earners in your company at the top of the leader board.

You will discover how and why most people fail to build their business and what you MUST do to avoid the same fate.

But most important – you’ll discover the multi-million dollar roadmap – the same roadmap Mike himself traveled to build his empire to where it is today.

The only downside, the only thing detracting from a top 10 magnetic sponsoring review is the fact that you do only get the knowledge.

You don’t get any tools. You don’t get any advanced nuts-n-bolts training. You don’t get anything “set up” and ready to go for you.

You get the inside info, but everything else – the figuring it out and getting it done is left entirely up to you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You CAN have your cake and eat it to.

First, pick up a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring (you can read it free with Kindle unlimited) because you will want to learn from the master about what it really takes to create true time and financial freedom. This is your roadmap to freedom.

Then, if you are honestly serious about building a profitable network marketing business fast, check out: Elite Marketing Pro.

It gives you all the TOOLS you need and a ton of advanced insider training (more Mike Dillard live!) you can use to generate traffic to your site, generate leads on demand, and promote your business.

They can even help you make some serious money right off the bat to get into immediate profit. Plus, it is the perfect solution to help you and your team get started – regardless of your skill level.

It’s time to stop struggling and put your business on the fast track, wouldn’t you agree?

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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