My Video Talk

My Video Talk is old news.

The time to get in, get busy and make big money promoting “MyVideoTalk” has come and gone.

This is a Google Trends screen shot taken in January, 2013 which measure the interest in a topic over time.

My Video Talk

Notice consumer online interest for My Video Talk peeked in 2011 and it has been on a slow decline ever since.

Today, MyVideoTalk enjoys less than half the interest and buzz they did back at their peek. Less than half.

But, obviously, there is still some interest in the company’s products, service and business opportunity – so let’s take a closer look so you can walk away armed with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

My Video Talk Review

Team Effort International, LLC founded My Video Talk in 2002 under the leadership of Mel Gill and his wife Amie. Mel and Amie came to the table with over 20 years of in-the-field network marketing experience.

Today, the company has offices in North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Latin America and New Zealand and it is primary promoted online because they offer internet-based video hosting, distribution and tracking services.

The company is privately-owned, debt free and has proven to be a well-established, stable company over the past 11 years.

So at first glance, the company seems viable.

It’s been around a long time, has a proven track record and run by experienced networkers who know what it takes to build a long-term, residual based income.

But is the opportunity still viable?

Can YOU still make money as an active MyVideoTalk distributor with interest waning?

MyVideoTalk Product Line

My Video Talk offers a full compliment of video production, hosting and marketing products including:

  • My Video Designer
  • My Video Broadcaster
  • My Video Web Show, and
  • My Video Channel.

And, back in the day when they first launched – these products were pretty much state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line.

But not anymore.

Today there are dozens upon dozens of both free and paid resources that accomplish the same video production, hosting and marketing magic that the full MyVideoTalk suite can accomplish.

So the question you have to ask is:

Without the promise of getting paid to promote these products, would the average consumer purchase these video product, hosting and marketing products from this company (you!) at these prices in the open market?

Or are there cheaper, less expensive… even more powerful solutions available?

The reason this question is of utmost important to answer is because, once you get past the excitement and potential of what it could mean to you and your family financially once you build out a nice team of active distributors… the bottom line is you only get paid when consumers and distributors STAY ON AUTOSHIP and consume the product.

How many people will continue to pay $49.95 per month for a product or service they probably will not use all that much – or, if they do use it – may be able to find a cheaper, less expensive, more powerful alternative?

My Video Talk Compensation Plan

MyVideoTalk offers a unique compensation plan called a dual core binary plan that pays weekly.

You can earn money 10 different ways including any combination of fast start bonuses, retail commissions, team builder bonuses, weekly team commissions, executive leadership matrix bonus, monthly binary matrix, global rewards check match bonuses, leadership rewards, sales office program, and presidents weekly club.

Bottom line?

The company pays and the products work.

But that doesn’t mean it is going to be easy to make money promoting MyVideoTalk.

Interest is on decline. The products are not best-in-class anymore, and the biggest issue of all is…

How do YOU intend to market the business?

Let’s say you sign up, produce a few killer videos and send them out to everyone you know… now what? What will you do to continue to market your new business now?

What’s your plan for getting these products, services and the business opportunity in fron to of dozens, even hundreds of new people every day for an extended period of time?

Because that is what it REALLY takes to build any profitable business.

Exposure. Massive exposure.

And the only way you’ll have success is to become a master MARKETER – regardless of what you intend to promote.

Increasing Your Odds of Success

Since 1996, my wife Lisa and I have built five six-figure, even multiple six figure business online and there are two SECRETS we’ve discovered to dramatically put the odds of success in your favor.

  1. Join a company on the uptrend – when interest is growing (not declining).
  2. Copy a proven model that works.

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It’s nuts. Beginners welcome, because we will teach you to become master marketers.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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