MLM Success

Do you dream about achieving massive MLM success?

Have you ever penciled out the comp plan, “crunched the numbers” and dreamed about being rich?

Have you ever been unable to sleep because… just the idea… of not having a job seems like heaven on earth?

Welcome to the club!

MLM successHi, my name is Rob Fore.

Since 1996 my wife Lisa and I have built five six-figure even multiple six-figure businesses working part-time in our spare time. Two of those businesses have been in network marketing.

In fact, right now we have a team of over 11,000 active distributors in one network marketing company (where we rank one of the top 20 income earners) and we also have a team of 8,600 in yet another program.

In other words, we enjoy MASSIVE MLM success. We live that reality.

And now it is your turn!

MLM Success – First Things First

If you are serious about taking your network marketing business to the next level, you have to first make sure your head is screwed on straight.

I’m serious. MINDSET is every thing. If you do not approach your business from a business perspective – you will never have a real business and you will never enjoy real “mlm success”.

Watch this video because it is that important:

MLM Success – the Hard Road

Once you have your mindset right, now you have a few choices about how you are going to build your MLM business.

In most cases, your sponsor… the company… and most “old-school” gurus will tell to compile a list of everyone you know – family, friends, co-workers, people from your church, vendors and more. You may even be offered a nice memory jogger and be encouraged to pull out your old grade school and high school year books.

Once you have your list, you will be given a script and you will be encouraged to contact your warm market.

Does this method work? Of course. But it is a hard road.

The challenge is every person, eventually, will run out of “warm market” and unless you have another MARKETING PLAN in place, your odds of achieving true mlm success just went out the window.

Because without a plan, then next thing you will be encouraged to do is to BUY MLM LEADS, pick up the phone and start making dials. 100-200 dials per day, every day, until your team hits momentum.

Does cold-call prospecting work? Of course. But it is a hard. painful, boring road. Check it out…

Working your warm market is the fastest way to get started.

If you have any level of influence with your family, friends, co-workers and associates… and THEY ALSO have influence… sometimes (rarely, but it happens!) that is all you will need to do to enjoy massive growth.

But for most of us mere mortals… if you are serious about taking your business to the next level and living a lifestyle most people only dream about… you are going to have to embrace the art and science of marketing.

Not prospecting. Marketing.

MLM Success – the Easy Road

As I shared earlier, Lisa and I make a multiple six-figure income working part-time in our spare time online.

  • We own and operate TWO profitable network marketing businesses.
  • We make an average of $15,000 per month using a MLM attraction marketing model.
  • We rake in an average of $30,000 per month promoting 100% affiliate commission programs, and
  • We also sell our own “internet marketing” training products.

Today we teach people around the world, Just like you, how to “Create Wealth on the Fast Track While Enjoying the Journey”.

We teach the art and science of “attraction marketing” versus prospecting.

We also teach you the benefits of creating multiple streams of income – because it is much, much easier… and much, much more profitable… to promote a variety of high-paying offers than to focus on just one network marketing deal.

Why? Think about it.

If you are promoting ONLY company XYZ and a prospect tells you “No” to the product, service and business opportunity – what do you have?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But we teach you how to use attraction marketing to build a list of hungry prospects, keep in contact using automated online methods, follow up, build a relationship and how to introduce a variety of products, services, training, tools and other things of value to your entire list. A simple, easy tweak. But it can TRIPLE your profits.

But hey, we’re putting the cart before the horse here.

First, if you are honestly ready to enjoy MLM success – CLICK HERE NOW to sign up for my Free, 5-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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