Essential, Basic Tips for MLM Prospecting

mlm prospectingIn this article, you are going to learn some basic tips that you can use in your MLM prospecting efforts.

These tips are essential for you to expand your network and generate more profit for your online business.

First of all, it is important to discuss what MLM prospecting is and how it relates to your marketing efforts as a network business.

MLM prospecting is essentially going out there and presenting your product to two target sectors: one, people you qualify as potential buyers, and two, people who will be interested in helping you market your products and services.

These are the people you need to encourage to listen to you as you make your sales pitch.

Even when other experts would tell you that it is more important to convince people to be part of your distributor network, a more viable approach would be to treat them as potential customers first, and to convince them that you have a wonderful product that could be life-changing for them.

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In MLM prospecting, the customer comes first and the distributor comes second. This might be confusing to those who think that they are supposed to recruit distributors to expand their network.

Since they are supposed to help sell the products, network marketers mistakenly think that they have to focus on recruiting distributors first for them to earn higher commissions.

MLM Prospecting and the Potential Customer

It doesn’t work that way. MLM prospecting should be focused more on the potential customer. You have to exert more effort towards expanding your customer base than on recruiting more distributors. In fact, that still is the focus of your business – to convince people that you have a product that will answer some of their needs and get them to buy the product.

Do you see what happens next? When you convince new people to buy your product, sooner or later you’ll find out that some of these people have been telling their friends about how useful and effective your product is, until they themselves decide to become a part of your network of distributors themselves.

That’s what MLM prospecting essentially should be focused on – convincing people to buy your product, and eventually having them decide to help you sell your product.

Now that the focus of your business is clear, you have to take a look at the basic skills that you have to apply in MLM prospecting.

MLM Prospecting Offline

There are, of course, offline methods. You can always start with MLM prospecting among your “warm’’ market prospects – your friends and relatives, co-workers, acquaintances, people you get to meet in your social events, etc. Just letting them know you are in this particular kind of online business and giving them your name card with your business website on it is one effective way of MLM prospecting.

You don’t have to even present your product right there. But you know that when you have gathered enough of these contacts and “qualified” them as potential customers, you can always decide to hold an event, invite them to it, and when there, you can do a presentation for them to help them know more about the product.

As a network marketer, when you prepare your presentation, always remember to include something that will tell them how they can become distributors of your product.

Before you get on to another strategy in MLM prospecting you have to understand one concept: “qualifying” your prospects. This is a skill that you will steadily acquire as you go along. That means being able to determine whether someone you have presented your product to can become a customer only, or someone who will be consistently using your product because he or she believes in it, and will want to become a distributor.

Now, there are some indicators or signs that will tell you how to qualify a certain prospect, but let’s deal with that maybe later. This site will teach you more about “qualifying” your prospect, so come back often. You will also learn about how to dig deeper into the basics of MLM prospecting.

After spending time with your “warm” prospects through offline face-to-face campaigning, you can explore the more effective online ways to do MLM prospecting.

Don’t forget that once you start your business online, you must decide to maximize use of all online strategies in your campaign. So, again, convince people about your product, that it is something that could help solve some of their problems, only do it with your blog, your Facebook profile, your MySpace account, your email marketing efforts, free ads, pay-per-click ads, basically all those systems that you can afford to do. Still, it’s about gathering potential customers first and recruiting potential distributors second.

Interlink your online systems, or if you don’t know how to do that, have someone do it for you. Remember, your main objective here still is to generate prospective customers – or leads – that you can communicate with, chat with, call on Skype, and eventually convince to buy. Make a daily target for yourself, set a minimum number of people for you to talk with, say 20 prospects daily, and expand this number as you become more acquainted with more people.

In your online MLM prospecting effort, it is essential that information not only about the product but also about the process for registering as distributors and the benefits that await them are included – in your product website, your blog, and elsewhere online.

Produce your own a video presentation and post it online, with yourself doing the presenting. It helps your prospects a lot that they see you, the person they’re more acquainted with, doing the presentation for the product, rather than some generic actor doing the company presentation.

But don’t forget that, at some point, your prospects may want to just read information on your site rather than watch your video presentation, so make sure you include enough written content for more effective MLM prospecting.

Having done the offline “warm” prospecting and your online MLM prospecting, you’ll see now whether you’ve gathered enough leads and are ready to follow up and make calls, with the objective of closing your deals and getting them as customers, and distributors as well.

Make sure you ask them first if they’ve seen all the information necessary, from your own presentation and from the company’s materials, to make a decision. You may have to pay them a visit, or sometimes a phone call would suffice.

But by now, you can be confident that you have gathered enough solid people who are not only convinced about your product, but are also interested in promoting it and distributing it.

These are some basic tips, but you can learn more about MLM prospecting when you sign up for the free MLM Lead Generation Bootcamp.

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