How To Get Rich Quick

We live in an instant gratification society.

Fast food, prepackaged foods, wash-n-wear clothes, movies on demand, 24/7 news, instant access to information and instant product downloads.easy button - how to get rich quick

Every where you turn there seems to be yet another EASY BUTTON.

But when it comes to building a business – both online and offline – just looking for the EASY BUTTON is enough to derail most (if not all) of your efforts.

The question:

How to get rich quick? is not based in reality.

Because there are no shortcuts. Not really.

  • Making a cut-n-stone decision to “get in, get busy and get it done” is the shortcut
  • Your current business model (if others are making money) is the shortcut
  • Copying a proven model for success is the shortcut

Of course you might get LUCKY…

  • and win the lottery,
  • or cash in on a once-in-a-lifetime class action lawsuit
  • or marry into money

…and have a rich relative leave you a pile of dough when they die.

But for most of us, the idea of “getting rich quick” is no more real than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Bottom line?

Perhaps Gina Rinehart said it best (Gina is worth about $19 billion!):

“You can’t get rich without working hard, taking risks,
investing and reinvesting your profits.”

Get Rich Quick Schemes that Work

Seriously? We are NOT still having this conversation, are we?!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the more popular “how to make money fast” models out there, dig a bit deeper and expose them for what they really are.

John Beck’s Free & Clear Real Estate System – classic get rich in real estate system. Every few years these pop up and promise to help millions make millions without credit, money or experience. Buy real estate for pennies on the dollar and make a fortune overnight – GUARANTEED!

Aug 23 (Reuters) – A U.S. judge has issued a $478 million judgment against the marketers of a series of get-rich-quick real estate infomercials [John Beck’s System] that the FTC said duped almost a million consumers with their claims. – money for nothing and your chips for free! This program promised to pay an outrageous return on investment for selling bid token back to the company (who then supposedly sold them to consumers on your behalf). It lasted a little over a year and half and many people did make a lot of money fast. But what goes around comes around…

The Securities and Exchange Commission said it has shut down, a $600 million online Ponzi and pyramid scheme that was on the verge of collapse and had raised money from more than one million customers.

Don Lapre: The Greatest Vitamin in the World – classic affiliate marketing program that promised much more than it delivered.

In June, Lapre was indicted for 41 counts of conspiracy and fraud. The case involved the claims of about 222,000 people and approximately $52 million.

Worlds Greatest VitaminsThere have been literally hundreds, even thousands of other programs, companies and individuals shut down over the years. In June 2011, for example, just one FTC lawsuit named 10 internet marketers, 10 corporate defendants and 51 shell corporations for promoting “how to get rich quick” products and services. The websites tended to focus on getting government grants, health claims and various “make money” products.

How to Get Rich Slow

If you are serious about finding a way to take your income to the next level, stop looking for shortcuts. Because there aren’t any.

Instead, spend your time researching various types of business models from a business and marketing perspective.

Forget they hype and look for the substance, the WHY the business will work if you work it.

This is especially true when it comes to building an internet business. Because, just like any real-world brick-n-mortar business, getting rich online requires a solid business plan. A plan that is very specific about how you intend to MARKET and PROMOTE the business, the costs involved, fulfillment issues and more.

Anyone who offers to sell you a legitimate business opportunities should give you detailed information. So be very skeptical of any promoter who offers vague descriptions of what the business is and how it will work. Get real. Sit down, put on your thinking cap and ask yourself some critical business-oriented questions, like:

  • What product, service or business opportunity will you be selling?
  • Is there a market for what you intend to be selling?
  • Would the average person on the street pay those prices, for that product,  in today’s market?
  • HOW do you intend to sell, marketing and promote the product?
  • How and why will prospective prospects, shoppers and clients would find and use your website?
  • How will the business generate a profit and what, specifically are your expenses?

Answering these questions BEFORE you fork over your hard-earned money is critical because you absolutely MUST “begin with the end in mind” or you risk buying into a yet another deal… without any clue how to turn that deal into a profitable business.

Just because something is on the internet does not mean it comes with an EASY BUTTON.

Just because something comes with a fancy website does not mean it is a legitimate answer to the how to get quick question.

A better question might be:

  • How will YOU get people to visit the web site?
  • How much will it cost to drive targeted traffic your store?
  • How many visits will it take to generate one lead and how many leads will it take to make one sale?
  • What will be your average cost of sale?

Ways to Get Rich Quick – Sorta

Back in 2004, my wife and I joined a network marketing program. It cost $500 to join and approximately $100 per month to “stay active.”

We spent THOUSANDS on books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, training, seminars and conventions to learn the art and science of building a profitable network marketing business and we APPLIED most of what we were learning.

The first year we brought in about $12,000. Then doubled that to $24,000 the next year, and doubled it again… and again.

It took over SIX YEARS to build a team of over 10,000 active distributors worldwide.

In 2010 we decided we were tired of promoting our business the “old-fashioned” way so we decided to try out internet marketing and we joined a program called MLSP.

Here we are some 26 months later and we are now pulling in well over $10,000 PER MONTH from that one program!

In 2011 we join yet another affiliate program that promised to teach us how to make money blogging and, just 12 short months later, we are doing over $30,000 PER MONTH with that program.

In the past 90 days we have built a team of 6,258 from scratch!

So while the road to success seems shorter each and every time we decide to move forward and promote something – NONE of these later results could or would have happened with us paying the price upfront with a lot of hard work, dedication and a huge investment in time, energy and dollars.

Make sense?

You can get rich. It’s proven. And you can get rich online. It’s proven.

But how can you get rich quickly? You can’t. Stop trying.

Pick a deal. Any deal. Then roll up your sleeves and be willing to put the “work” back into the work from home equation.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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