My Lead System Pro

It’s Tuesday, 8:23 am.

I log into the back office of the My Lead System Pro system and discover another 11 leads came in overnight while I was sleeping and, better, two new people joined my MLSP team… so I fire off a quick “welcome” email with instructions how to best get started.

At 9:16 am my phone starts to ring and before the day is over I will have connected with six hot prospects.

Two are ready to go with MLSP but just wanted to touch base.

One signed up on the spot with my primary network marketing company, and the others… well, we’ll see.

Because I make it a point NOT TO SELL the program.

I tell it like it really is and leave the decision entirely up to them.

If they join, we’ll work together to make incredible things happen. If not, I’ll still be moving forward without them.

Insider My Lead System Pro Review

Let me ask you…

How would your life, businesses and finances be different if your phone literally rang off the hook every day with people seriously interested in paying you money to join MLSP or your primary mlm program?

Seriously. How would your life be different?

  • Would you be living in the same house?
  • Would you be driving the same car?
  • Would your children be going to the same school?

Dare to dream again because… if you are serious enough to stop making excuses and start making progress towards taking your business to the next level… incredible things are right around the corner.

My Lead System Pro Explained

MyLeadSystemPro is nothing more than a highly optimized “funded proposal” online system popularized by Mike Dillard in his book Magnetic Sponsoring.

Here’s the concept in a nutshell…

To build a profitable network marketing business boils down to doing three things well:

  • Connect with people you know and people you don’t know,
  • Guide them to a simple presentation about your products and opportunity, and
  • Follow up to collect a decision.

That’s it. That’s where all the BIG MONEY is in network marketing – sponsoring and recruiting.

The challenge is EVERYONE … me, you, and everyone on your team… will eventually blow through their warm market. We will all eventually present our opportunity to everyone we know – family, friends and co-workers. So now what? Now what do we do? Listen…

We have to learn how to connect with people we don’t know!

So we can buy leads and pick up the phone, approach strangers on the street, spend a fortune on ads that may or may not work, do home meetings and conduct meetup groups… we can spam Facebook or Twitter… or even buy into a generic business opportunity lead system and attempt to promote that via drop cards, handing out magazines or run even more ads.

Now don’t get me wrong… ALL OF THOSE THINGS WORK… but not for everyone. Because we either don’t have time, the skill or the money to pull it off. Plus, LEADING WITH YOUR OPPORTUNITY puts in direct competition with literally MILLIONS of other people who are also convinced their products, company and comp plan is the way to go. So it works, but it’s a tough market. Attraction Marketing

What makes the My Lead System Pro program different is it is designed to attract other FRUSTRATED NETWORK MARKETERS who have also run out of warm market contacts – and are now seriously looking for the answer to the “Now what do I do?” question.

So you now LEAD WITH a proven tool designed exclusively for network marketers by network marketers – and attract those who have already proven they are serious about building a real business. And here’s the real magic…

You GET PAID even if this new prospect never joins your primary network marketing business!

Think about that.

Instead of spending your hard-earned money chasing down tire-kicker, broke, unemployed LEADS… you know get paid to attract the PERFECT PROSPECT for your business.

MLSP - LeadsAnd many of them will join your team later because the My Lead System Pro system is designed to brand you as the leader people are looking for. Make sense?

My Lead System Pro Review – 1st 90 Days

In my first 90 days with myleadsystempro I spent about an hour and a half a day, 3-4 days a week, doing article marketing. I have a complete, step-by-step article marketing bootcamp (5 hours of video instruction) that I give everyone on my team so you can duplicate exactly what I did and still do.

The results started off pretty slow. At the end of our first month we had generated about 100 leads and had earned a few hundred dollars. I didn’t sign up anyone in my primary business.

But by the end of our first 90 days… we had generated over 800 leads, earned over $4,000 in miscellaneous affiliate commission, increased our monthly MLSP check to over $1,400 a month AND had sponsored FOUR new distributors into our primary business.

Now it’s been a little over five months and we’ve done well over 2,200 leads… have earned THOUSANDS… earn THOUSANDS monthly… and consistently sponsor new people into our business.

What’s the bottom line?

My Lead System Pro is a great program to help you generate leads on demand, earn multiple streams of income and sponsor more people into your primary business. But it’s not a turnkey solution. YOU must get in, get busy and learn how to master INTERNET MARKETING so you can effectively promote the MLSP program. Because without traffic your new web site and marketing funnel… nothing happens. Without traffic you’ll get no leads. Without leads you’ll earn no money and sign no one up. Leads are the name of the game here… and traffic is necessary to start the lead flow.

So what’s next?

Click the link above and go opt in to learn more.

Check out my 14 minute “How to Build a Level 4 Business Fast” video and then spend some time learning more about the kick-butt my lead system pro system.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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  1. says

    Hi Rob, I am definitely interested in joining mlsp to help me with my business as to say I’m struggling would be an understatement. I understand I need to put the work in, but what I’m concerned with is the £100 charge per month after the 10 day trial. I would be happy to pay it, if it works for me, but just wanted to know if you can generate much income in the first 10 days? To be able to start paying after the trial period. (Like said I am struggling)

    • says

      There is certainly the potential to make money in 10 days… but that is 100% entirely up to you and how you decide to promote the program. If you already have a list or a following of some kind – there are a lot of different products and services from MLSP you can offer. MY experience was I joined in August 2010 and picked blogging and SEO as my marketing model. In the first 90 days… blogging once a day… we picked up 800 leads and made about $2,230 in commissions. Plus we sponsored 28 people in our MLM deal on the backend.

  2. says

    Hello Rob, my name is Akram and am a Pilot with no work for over 2 year’s that’s to say I have no knowledge whatsoever about Internet business. I am ready to sign up to Mlsp and put in all the work I possibly can but I just want to know if this is for me!? Does it require a certain computer knowledge thing or can a normal guy work with it?? And please What’s the profit like on average? Thanks alot I await your reply

    • says

      Akram – the magic of MLSP is it is a training platform designed to teach you a new skill – how to marketing effectively and profitably online. The WHAT you sell is up to you. The “how to” sell it online is what MLSP is all about. If you need something to sell… you can also promote My Lead System Pro. Since August, 2010 – we have earned over $658,000 in affiliate commissions.

  3. mommarevviews says

    Hi Rob, I have been reading about all MLMs & Scams & what not!!! I learnt about some happy people too but I never approached anyone but you. Something stopped me. I am new to blogging and know just the very basic stuff… I wish to learn about a real system which could guide and help. Please suggest something which is easy for a layman like me to understand. I live in India so something which is ok to operate from here. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated!

    • says

      MLSP is the system you should check out. There is something there from the the complete beginner all the way through advanced internet, affiliate and network marketing concepts.

  4. Russell Ashwin says

    Hi Rob,

    My name is Russell Ashwin, I am going to venture into network marketing with Bhip soon but i am taking my time to research and find out how i can get leads online…. I have no idea about online marketing and how to go about it, would you be able to point me in the right direction please.

  5. Chanell says

    Hi Rob. My husband and I just joined 5Linx. I have no experience in Network Marketing. Should I start with MLSP or the Empower Network (have no idea what that is; just saw you suggested someone else begin there)? Totally lost, but would love to generate residual income while building a solid business with 5Linx. Will either of these programs work for 5Linx or do you suggest something else? Thank you!

    • says

      Hi, Chaneli – thanks for reaching out.

      If you want to grow your new 5Linkx business, I would recommend you join MLSP. A lot of the top income earners and top producers you see online either started with or continue to use and promote the new MLSP marketing system. It’s pretty powerful.

      Empower Network is more of a stand-alone business opportunity. You can use their blog to promote your business. That’s effective. But I think you will get more training and benefit from the MLSP community because the focus there is to help you build YOU, INC where 5linx and MLSP are just one part of that. You want to BRAND YOU, first and foremost.

  6. Tonya says

    I just would like to say what a valuable read this was. I’ve been learning attraction marketing, the MLSP system in particular, for a good month now and after having read this I can say it’s clear to me now how it truly works.

    • says

      MLSP is not a lead system, Nicle. It is a training platform that empowers YOU by teaching the HOW to market online. It also gives you tools and resources to make it happen. But NOTHING happens unless and until you “get in and get busy”. You have to put the work back into the work-from-home equation.