Advanced Affiliate Internet Marketing Tips and Tricks

affiliate internet marketingIt’s a sad fact that 99% of internet marketers fail in the first two years.

Most people try to make money through blogging or running an affiliate site, and then give up when they do not see huge commission payments rolling in within the first few months.

All too often, those marketers work hard, and they even have the right idea for building the foundation of a successful online business, but they are missing the advanced affiliate internet marketing tips that would turn their blog or affiliate site into a profit making machine.

Labor Saving MLM Tips For Online Marketers

The basic idea of affiliate marketing and MLM has been around for decades. The Internet makes it possible for people to work smarter, instead of harder, but beginner online marketers don’t have access to the tools that online marketing gurus have.

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Or, rather, they don’t know where to look to get them. Once they find out that the advanced internet marketing techniques used by the most successful affiliates are actually easy to implement, even the most inexperienced of online marketers can start turning a huge profit.

Essentials for Affililiate Internet Marketing – Test, Refine, and Automate

The key to making money online is to find the right niche and build up a strong online presence in that niche. However, as many owners of popular blogs have found out, simply having a strong readership is not enough. You need to write a sales copy that converts, and what works well for one niche could make prospective customers in another niche hit the back button. That’s why testing is so important.

Google offers some powerful testing tools as part of their free Analytics suite, and you can use the tracking features of your affiliate network to collect some data too, as well as the information provided by AdWords. Run a few tests at the same time, changing one element per test, and refine your efforts until you find something that works.

Once you have the formula that you think is “perfect”, use that as your baseline, and continue testing other designs, copy, keywords, and techniques with a small percentage of your traffic. Never stop testing. This is something that cannot be emphasized enough.

Send the bulk of your traffic to your highest performing page. This should be a page with a call to action such as “join our mailing list”, “subscribe to our RSS feed”, “place an order now”, or something similar.

In most cases, you cannot get a customer to perform a high friction action such as signing up for a membership or paying for a product on their first visit, so you need to do something simpler such as ask them to join your mailing list or follow you on social media. This is where automation comes in. The most important, and simple, of the advanced affiliate internet marketing secrets is the use of autoresponders – both the email kind and the social media kind.

When someone likes your page or follows you on Twitter, thank them for doing this. When someone signs up for your mailing list, start them at the beginning of a series of helpful, informative emails that will work up towards selling them your product. Internet marketing gurus have been using this technique for many years, and there is a simple reason for this – it works!

Affiliate Internet Marketing Lead Generation

Don’t just rely on your website for lead generation. While you can make money if you simply work as a “salesperson” for another brand, wouldn’t it be good if you were able to generate some passive income from other affiliates?

Ideally, you should spend more of your time recruiting others and sponsoring new affiliates than you do trying to generate your own sales. Invest some time into connecting with new affiliates and helping them get started in the business. Follow up with old connections and nudge idle affiliates into action.

Support those who are pro-active and willing to work hard, and use network marketing lead generation tools to keep track of who is who. In the early days, this will seem like a lot of work for little reward, but it will pay off in the end by providing you with a steady stream of passive income from the active members of your downline.

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