Set Up Your Successful Social Media Campaign

social media campaignLaunching a social media campaign is currently the most preferred Internet marketing strategy.

It involves the use of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as data-sharing sites (YouTube, Instagram, etc.).

These platforms are used in marketing because of the large pool of potential customers that comes in the form of their users.

However, earning a huge following from these sites is never easy.

The so-called viral videos, pictures, and posts come and go in as fast as few days. And, there are lots of them.

That is why creating an original and a remarkable social media campaign is a challenge for the majority of online sellers.

Aside from that, you have to convert those users who responded to your campaign into actual customers.

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If you fail to do so, your campaign is essentially a failure. To avoid this and achieve your goals for your social media campaign, here are some tips for you to follow.

1. Get Your Website Ready

Your social media campaign should encourage your audience to visit and avail your offers that are presented in your website. While some social media platforms enable you to transact with customers, having your own website for your business still has advantages.

One of these advantages is helping you build credibility. Anyone can make a Facebook Page even without a product, service, or brand to offer. The same thing goes for other sites and platforms. While it’s true that the sites may impose measures to verify whether an account is for business or for fun alone, a lot of users are still doubtful with such accounts.

Another advantage of having a website is the chance to customize your website. The exceptional yet appropriate customizations will enhance the brand you want to create. Customizations are just one step in preparing your website. It should provide useful information that is optimized for search engine sites as well.

2. Concentrate on One to Two Social Networking Sites

It’s a good idea to have accounts to various social networking sites. Aside from Facebook and Google accounts (which include Gmail, Google+ and YouTube), you may want to try Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, Foursquare, and Yelp. This enables you to promote your social media campaign to different audiences.

However, you should focus on just one or two sites. Limit the use of other sites to your social media campaign’s promotion. You can simply put links to your main social media account.

Focusing on a few sites will give you more time to study your audience. When choosing a site to focus on, know the features of the site and match it with your intended campaign. For instance, Yelp is a better choice than Facebook for promotion of services.

Yelp is all about reviews and ratings of customer satisfaction; these two things are the most sought by prospects searching for service providers. YouTube videos combined with photos and testimonials posted in Facebook are the best in terms of product promotion. Facebook, on the other hand, is the best avenue in advertising a new product or service. Twitter is also that advantageous provided that you already have a lot of followers.

3. Know Your Audience Well

Aside from studying the features of the sites, give ample time on understanding your audience’s purchasing considerations and basic information. Computer programs such as Google Analytics can help you collect data about your audience.

One of the data you will encounter is the location of your audience. If you want to expand your online business, consider making considerations for those who reside in places where you have lots of customers and prospects. Include such perk in your social media campaign.

4. Including Loyal Customers

One successful social media campaign is a soda company’s survey about the flavor that their customers want for their next product. Social media enable businessmen to interact with their customers so why not use such feature? You may conduct a survey as well.

Surveys are far better than posting a possible offer to wait for your audience’s opinion. The latter implies risks. Of course, you have to take risks for your business but in this case, the risk may not be worth it.

5.    Participate and Respond

This is almost the same with the previous suggestion. The basic difference is that your audience will be the one initiating discussions while in the previous suggestion, you are the initiator of the social media campaign. You can search for discussions in Reddit. Read threads about your business as well as other related businesses, especially your competitions. Try to be objective in doing this.

If you enter social media, you can expect comments; some are positive while others are not. Users can also raise questions. Most of the time, those who are interested with your offers are the one who ask questions. You don’t want to lose their interest so respond to their questions right away.

6. Hold Contests in Your Social Media Campaign

Manufacturers of slippers host slipper design-making contests. Show producers call for poster designers. Only a few contests may have gone viral but most contests leave marks to participants and interested ones.

7. Make Irresistible Offers

Appealing offers don’t just take the form of discounts, freebies, and quality products and services. Some take the form of touching stories. For every photo or video, there should be a caption depicting or promoting happy thoughts, appreciation of struggles, and other things that stimulate positive vibes to readers.

8. Start Slowly, Yet Surely

A mistake of newbies is that they aim for viral hits right away. It takes a process to produce a successful social media campaign. For most successful campaigns, it took lots of trial-and-errors. Before aspiring for such, make sure you have a stable and growing customer base. They will be the one causing your posts to be viral.

9. Learn from Successful and Failed Social Media Campaigns

There are more failed campaigns than successful ones, yet both are worth studying. Look for the strengths and weaknesses of successful campaigns while concentrate on the mistakes of failed campaigns. Incorporate such knowledge in planning your social media campaign.

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