What To Do In Your First Year In Network Marketing

first year in network marketingI believe that there was a book by this title in the 80’s.

It was supposed to be a sort of go-to guide for every newbie network marketer.

The times have changed and so have the means of marketing, but what has not changed is the need for instructions on how to build a network marketing business.

In any field, one of the issues that all newbies have is overcoming the learning curve.

Many people quit before they have enough skill or knowledge to know if they are bad or not, or if something isn’t right for them.

Right now, I beg of you to fill your mind with as much knowledge and to throw yourself into as much work as possible before you even begin to think about quitting.

Always remember that life belongs to the learners! The people who achieve the most are those who are always learning and trying new things.

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This Article

This article is a guide of what you should do to become a successful network marketer. It is also a guide that will tell you what to expect. Before we even begin, EXPECT FAILURE! Expect tons of failure, but as my mentor once told me, “fail fast and fail often.”

What did she mean by “fail fast and fail often?” What she was telling me is that all entrepreneurs have more failures than successes, and that it is best to experience your failures as fast as possible and to not let bad ideas linger inside for months on end.

It is best to learn that a bad idea is a bad idea as soon as possible and to invest as little time on bad ideas as possible. Your takeaway from this is to give your ideas wings, let them live in the world, and let them be tested in the world to quickly find out if they are any good.

Your First Year In Network Marketing

Your first year in network marketing should be spent building skills, building knowledge, and building assets that will help you make money. Here’s a question that I hope you are asking: “What skills do I need to be a good network marketer?” The skills that you need, at least from my POV, are internet marketing skills.

I believe that the Internet is the greatest place to grow a network marketing business. Gone are the days of bugging your friends and family or being the guy everyone runs from because you have something for sell! The Internet is where you will build your fortune.

What Are The Internet Marketing Skills That Network Marketers Need?

You must learn how to drive traffic to your various websites and accounts. Traffic is the life blood on Internet marketing, and it is a term that basically means to have a ton of people coming to your information sites and web properties.

There are many ways to learn how to attract people to you and your business. One of the quickest ways is through YouTube videos. The type of videos that work best are personal videos where you share the ups and down of being a network marketer or even share your progression from knowing nothing to being a rock star network marketer.

Social media is also a great way to spread your brand and to have everyone know your face. Building a website and getting traffic via search engine optimization is also beneficial as well as PPC marketing.

In your first year in network marketing, focus on these skills. Take immediate action, but learn them slowly. Don’t expect them to immediately work, but constantly build a huge footprint on the Internet. Visit websites like www.warriorforum.com or nicehprofitclassroom.com to learn the core skills of Internet marketing.

I will leave you with an action plan:

(1) Find a program that people really need and that you believe in.

(2) Focus on two forms of internet marketing and work it with all your might. After 3 months, add a few more traffic gathering techniques.

(3) Build a name for yourself by becoming a youtube personality and focus on being a real person and not just a sales person. Share your struggles and triumphs. Become as Cardone says, omnipresent. Whenever people type in anything related to network marketing, they must find your name.

(4) Write articles about everything that you are doing and add them to your website or to an article directory.

Do these four things with passion and steadfastness and you will find success in your first year in network marketing. Do not give up!

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