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Taking a closer look at DS Domination?

Can you really make a significant income running eBay auctions and using a wholesale drop ship model like the Amazon/eBay DS Domination system?

I’m banking on adding an additional $100,000 (or more!) in 2014.

Let’s talk more about that and why you might want to jump in on the action as well.

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DS Domination in a Nutshell

DS Domination is an online membership site that teaches you how to make a place products for sale on eBay – using Amazon, Walmart and other low cost “box stores” as your drop ship wholesale product connection.

You learn how to find the best selling products, how to write your ads, price your product to guarantee a nice profit, how to handle product returns and how to scale up your new business.

The beauty of the “Ds Domination” model is you do not need to maintain an inventory, stock products or even ship products. You simply place ads, order the product to be shipped to your buyer after they pay for their purchase – and pocket the difference between what you paid wholesale and what you earned selling it retail.

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$40,000+ Per Month in 2008

Since 1996, Lisa and I have built six six-figure even multiple six-figure businesses working part-time in our spare time online.

DS-DOMINATION-VIDEOIn early 2008, we were raking in over $40,000 per month as Clickbank, Amazon and eBay affiliates. But, unfortunately, that success was very short lived.

Back then eBay paid a solid $25 commission for a new lead, and our model focused on driving huge amounts of new buyer traffic to various eBay ads. We were gunning for “new leads”, not product sales.

And it worked well. So well, in fact, we even created our own product to teach people how we did it it called Cash By Choice ($47). Later we added over a dozen advanced coaching modules ($297).

But then eBay stopped paying for leads and we watched our income drop like a rock. We went from making 40k per month generating leads to earning less than 1k per month in product sale affiliate commissions. And that was pretty much the last time we promoted Amazon or eBay products.

(Note: We do not offer the CBC system or coaching models for sale anymore. Don’t ask.)

$100,000+ in 2014

When I was first approached about checking out the DS Domination system, I gave it about 15 seconds of my time because I was thinking “been there, done that” and we got cheated big time when eBay changed the rules.

Then I noticed more and more BIG NAME players sending me notes about the program and, finally, I decided to take an honest look uncolored by my previous experience.

In a nutshell, I noticed averaged people where using the drop ship domination system to make a nice income online. Not just one or two people who got in early and got lucky… no. We are talking about almost every person who actually followed the simple step-by-step instructions and put up a few ads.

Almost every person. Without exception.

Now, every year around this time (It’s the middle of December as I write this), Lisa and I sit down and map out a plan to increase our income by at least $100,000 the next year.

Sometimes this means we simply do more of what is already working. Sometimes it means we get rid of things that are not working and other times it means we ADD new income streams to the mix.

This year we have decided to add two new income streams…

  • $100,000+ as Amazon/eBay/DS Domination affiliates
  • $100,000+ as Kindle Book Sellers

I’m writing the first Kindle book now and will publish it around the first of January.

We joined DS Domination and invested in all the advanced training modules.

We will start posting our first ads after the holidays and plan to scale up the model to produce at least $100,000 in new affiliate income in 2014.


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DS Domination Review

It costs only $19.95 to sign up for the DS Domination Pro package. Here you will learn how to run tiny little eBay ads to earn a few dollars per sale drop shipping low-cost, high profit Amazon products.

When you are ready to take your new business to the next level and start earning a few hundred dollars per sale in profits, you may want to invest in the more advanced Elite, Unleadshed, Monoploy and Market Xtreme courses.

I purchased all of the advanced courses so we can immediately put the odds of success more greatly in our favor by learning how to drop ship high-ticket items – which is where all the big bucks are actually made.

If you want to also resell the DS Domination system as an affiliate, this will cost you and additional $9.95 per month for merchant processing and then pays a solid 50% commission on all first level product sales.

They also pay an additional affiliate commission on up to 10 downline levels.

Will You Make Money with DS Domination?

Only you can answer that question. If you get in, get busy and apply what what you learn… of course you will.

If you get in and do nothing like most do in life… then of course you won’t.

For me and my family, I’m banking on using DS Domination to add at least a 100k to our bottom line in 2014.

Sign Up and we’ll give you access to our old CashbyChoice classified ad system today. The system may actually help you produce even better results because we will show you how to use free classified ads to drive more targeted traffic to your eBay ads.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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