MLM Wisdom – Donald Trump on Network Marketing

donald trump on network marketingNetwork marketing and MLM have a bad reputation in the mainstream, but that reputation is ill deserved.

There are millions of people who work as distributors and affiliates for network marketing companies and earn a good living doing so, and the perspective of Donald Trump on network marketing is overwhelmingly positive.

If one of the world’s most respected businesspeople believes in network marketing, then surely the niche is worth investigating?

You can find out about the perspective of Donald Trump on network marketing by watching one of his many recent interviews, or you can read an in-depth insight into network marketing in the form of the Your Business magazine interview titled “Why We Recommend Network Marketing” which Donald Trump co-authored with Robert Kiyosaki.

Trump is a fan of network marketing for many reasons, but to understand those reasons, you must first understand how business and cashflow works.

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Donald Trump on Network Marketing – The Cashflow Quadrant

The cashflow quadrant is a concept that Trump has promoted for many years. Trump believes that there are four areas in the world of business. Employees, Small-business people, Big business owners, and Investors.

Most people who go to school learn how to become employees or small business owners, while MBA programs teach people to become employees almost exclusively – albeit high-paid ones. Becoming a big business person or an investor is not something that most people are trained to do.

Trump believes that network marketing is a business that falls into the big business area of the cash flow quadrant. Of course, not everyone who launches a network marketing business will turn it into a big-business, but all of the foundations are there for that transformation to happen. Network marketing offers huge growth and scaling opportunities.

Work Smarter, Change Your Life

The most exciting thing about network marketing is that you do not need to do all the work. You have leverage. You can train other people to work under you and still earn money from them. When you are a specialist small business owner your income is limited by how much work you can do. When you are a big business owner, your income is limited by how much you are able to expand your business.

A good network marketing opportunity will allow a large amount of expansion, and keeps you in control of your business. Predictable, sustainable growth is a highly desirable characteristic of any business opportunity.

The other thing that network marketing offers is tax breaks. While you grow your business you can take advantage of tax deductions for business related activities. This could save you a lot of money while you are busy getting your business off the ground, and you enjoy access to these tax breaks even if you have chosen to keep your day job while you grow your business.

In general, it costs less money to grow a network marketing company than it does to get started with a business from scratch, because a lot of the hard work in terms of training and brand building has already been done for you. All you need to do is build up a network of people underneath you, and find prospects to sell to. If you get the right balance between short term prospecting and long term networking you should find that success comes to you more quickly than you expect.

Donald Trump admits that it takes a lot of time to build a successful business. His own business took several years to become a successful big business owner, but he takes great pains to remind readers that it takes a lot of time to become a high-level employee or even a successful small business owner. So, don’t give up. Be patient, and take time to put together a sound foundation.

There is plenty of advice out there for would-be network marketers. Take advantage of the wisdom of people who have been there before, and save yourself a lot of time on the road to success.

Next time someone close to you dismisses a network marketing opportunity out of hand, share the wisdom of Donald Trump on network marketing to change their mind. There are few better endorsements out there!

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