Should You Really Buy MLM Leads?

buy mlm leadsWhen you first start working a network marketing or multi-level marketing campaign, you are usually full of enthusiasm.

You believe that the program you are a part of is brilliant, and the product is something that everyone should have!

After all, if you didn’t think that, you wouldn’t have joined the program in the first place, would you?

Sadly, even the best MLM companies struggle to attract customers.

It is human nature to not want to spend money, so when you tell your friends and family about this amazing new product you have found, they will regard it with suspicion.

When you build your website and start growing your mailing list, you will find that only a tiny percentage of the people you get your message in front of actually take an interest in what you have to say.

If you want to improve your conversion rate, you need to stop trying to “tell the world” and start focusing your marketing efforts on a more narrow audience. One way to do this is to buy MLM leads. When you buy leads, the hard work of harvesting them is done for you.

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Why Buy MLM Leads

When you buy MLM leads, you get the contact details of hot prospects – people who have already expressed an interest in the type of product or service you are promoting. Some of the best lead selling services go one step further than simply giving you details, and also give you the right to use their name. Your sales pitch becomes much more credible, and powerful, when it is accompanied by the name of an organization that the customer has had positive contact with in the past.

There are many companies that sell MLM leads, so before you start shopping for leads, you should learn as much as you can about your niche and the companies that operate in it. Some companies that sell leads simply harvest email addresses from as many sources as possible, and aim to make up for the lack of the quality of their leads with the sheer number of them. Sadly, the world of network marketing does not work like that, and indiscriminate marketing on your part will most likely do more than just waste your time or a bit of your server bandwidth – it could seriously damage your brand.

What Makes a Good MLM Lead?

A good MLM lead is one that meets the following criteria:
•    Targeted
•    Opted In
•    Current
A targeted lead is one that meets your demographics – the narrower the targeting, the better. The narrower the targeting you select, the more expensive the leads will likely be, but if you can target by age, gender, geographic area and interests then you should do so. The closer each prospect is to your ideal customer, the better.

Opted in means exactly what it sounds like. Your leads should have consented to being contacted by third parties. If you purchase a list that includes people who have not opted in – or you build your own spam list – then you will at best alienate some people who could have been prospective customers, and at worst could end up in legal trouble.

On top of the above criteria, it helps if the leads are current. People’s circumstances and interests change, and there is no point in marketing baby products to someone who had their child four years ago. Look for a company that refreshes (and cleans) their MLM lead database on a regular basis.

Building Your Own List

While you can buy MLM leads, and indeed doing so is a good way to get your business off the ground, you should try to build your own database at the same time. You can build your database by offering free services via your blog or website. It is common to ask people to sign up for a mailing list in order to access a whitepaper or some other free download.

Over time, this can help you to build up a database of interested consumers who have goodwill towards your organization because you gave them something for “nothing”. This is a great starting point for attraction marketing, and will help you to sell your products or services to them more easily.

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