What You Have To Know About Binary MLM

binary mlmBinary mlm (multi-level marketing) is a very popular network marketing system which originated in the nineties.

It’s name is based on the fact it only allows you to have two frontline associates – and all additional members are placed further below the tree, directly below other distributors.

Due to it’s supportive, friendly nature, binary MLM makes it much more simple for an investor to make a lot in a short amount of time.

Different from ordinary multi-level marketing, wherein often only a few specific members have a large number of contributors below them, the binary mlm plan requires that you help new members in your tree and encourage them to expand it.

This way, your tree becomes a much more supportive team, since the members higher up need the ones higher down in order to increase their profit, so everyone works to achieve the same goal.

Balance and Binary MLM

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Another aspect that makes binary mlm even more well-structured is balance. The system strongly encourages users to help the less profitable branch of your tree grow – for instance, if in a given amount of time your left branch has accumulated 1000 sales points while the right one got 2000, you’ll only receive what’s in both – a thousand – and the remaining will be saved and carry over to the next payout – giving another incentive for users to help the weaker branch.
Now, this might seem like a negative thing, since part of your payment is postponed if your branches are unbalanced – but if you look at it from the perspective of the people higher up in the pyramid, you’ll realize it guarantees you won’t just hit a wall and stop gaining – because if you’re not doing great, everyone above you will do their best to get you new contributors, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll get more results.

In order to build your MLM Business, you should follow the Power-Leg Build. It’s a simple, foolproof, step-by-step way to create momentum in your branches, or “legs”. First you’ll have to begin adding people to your outside let. You’ll get at least three other active people and place them there. That is, if your power leg is the right one, you’ll add the first one on your right leg, then the next one will be on their right leg, and so on.

Next, you should instruct these three people to do the exact same thing – and make sure they do it at the same leg. You can probably imagine where this is going: If you do the math, when the three people you added add three more people each, you’ll have nine more people on your power leg. Then these nine people will add three more each, and you’ll have twenty-seven more. Each of these twenty-seven will add three more each, adding up to fifty-four more, and so on.

Since binary MLM networks are usually unlimited, your gains will grow exponentially just from doing that, and much faster than if you all simply added new members to a random side. The previous people will be doing that, too, so you’ll get what’s called their “spillover”. Spillover always builds on the power leg, your outside leg, and its members will constantly increase.

Adding More to Your Leg

When your power leg already has momentum, you can begin adding people to your other leg – which is called your profit leg; in this case, the left one. On your profit leg, you should add your personally sponsored distributors, that is, people you’ll actively help and do your best to grow. The most important thing is that you take good care of your profit leg in order to make it match the quickly-increasing power leg and get maximum payment.

When you begin working on your Binary MLM, however, make sure you go under a member’s outside line, for obvious reasons. If you go on a distributor’s inside line, you will only get spillover from them, instead of every single person on their power line. Only go on someone’s profit line if you want to make equal effort for both lines and have a more controlled, easier to balance profit in both – but that’s usually not recommended.

With these instructions, you’re guaranteed to get the results you want, and probably make more money than in any other type of MLM. Remember – make sure to actively build your inside line, so it won’t lag up and hold all your income.

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