Avon MLM – Perfume, Powder, Profits

avon mlmAre you looking for a direct sales and multi-level marketing opportunity that can actually lead to a good income from direct sales and career growth into management?

People who have heard a lot of horror stories about some MLM businesses who have come and gone may worry about joining any direct selling business opportunity.

However, the Avon MLM opportunity actually originated back in the late 1800’s, and you can bet that a company that has been around well over a century and has become a trusted household name will still be around tomorrow providing a legitimate business opportunity.

Why is the History of Avon MLM Important?

Did you know that the founder of this company, David H. McConnell, is credited with creating one of the earliest sales opportunities for women? He began as a traveling book salesman who also happened to have some perfume samples. He noticed that many of his female customers were more interested in those perfume samples than in his books.

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He began to recruit these women, some were even isolated because they stayed home while their husbands worked, and sold products to other women.

Remember that this was a time, way back in the 19th century, when women did not have a lot of employment choices, and AVON actually revolutionized the concept of women stepping out to make their own money.

How is the Avon MLM Different Today?

Most of us have an image of an “Avon Lady” who used to call on homes during the day. These ladies still work in many neighborhoods, but now they probably also sell through their own websites, in large office buildings, and a variety of different venues.

This company has kept up with changing times by offering the same high-quality and affordable products that people expect, but it has also expanded offerings to more than just makeup and perfume. Now catalogs also offer clothes, kitchen gadgets, and much more.

The thing that really separates Avon MLM from fly-by-night direct sales companies are the products. With most MLMs, new recruits are encouraged to recruit new sales people more than sell themselves. The lack of real products makes these opportunities seem more like pyramid scams than true direct sales opportunities.

However, everybody knows that Avon actually sells hundreds of quality products, and this company is the one pillar of the direct-sales industry that makes it credible at all.

Tips for Building Your Avon Business

The beauty of Avon is that it really is a household name and trusted brand. However, you seldom find Avon ladies knocking on doors in neighborhoods any longer. This might be because of concerns about letting strangers into a home, entering a stranger’s home, and even the fact that many more women are out in the workforce than they were a generation or more ago.

However, smart Avon representatives and managers keep up with the times. They take advantage of a variety of different techniques to find women who are still quite delighted to find an Avon catalog.

Here are some tips to grow your business, customer base, and downline:

— Leave hangers on neighborhood doors letting people know you are available for orders.

— Ask local coffee shops if you can leave a catalog on the counter for women to browse.

— Make sure you include your Avon website address and let people know that they can order online.

— Have a coffee in your home in the evening and invite the neighborhood ladies to browse your catalog.

— Stay active in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to let your friends know what you are doing.

Social networks can really help you grow your business. LinkedIn is usually a B2B network, and this platform can help you find new recruits. Facebook is more social, but you can tell your friends about your Avon business and ask them to tell their friends.

Is the Avon MLM The Right Opportunity For You?

If you want to join a credible company with actual products to sell, consider Avon MLM. You will find that women, and some men, are actually happy to find out that they can find a local Avon Lady (or man). Don’t forget that this company also has products for children and men too.

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