ACN Network Marketing – Can You Make Money?

ACN Network Marketing

The allure of joining a network marketing company has been around for many decades.

Many people have heard of Amway, yet there are many other MLM businesses, some of which you may not know are actually network marketing companies.

Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Pampered Chef are all examples of network marketing companies that are extremely lucrative businesses.

Even vitamin companies, such as Herbalife International, are recognized as viable opportunities. One company, ACN Inc., is also a prime example of an MLM opportunity that has great potential for people today.

This article will discuss the ACN network marketing opportunity, and why you might consider joining this company if network marketing is a business model that you would like to pursue.

ACN Network Marketing History

Founded in 1993, ACN Inc. is a multilevel marketing company that has several different components that specifically deal with energy, television, and telecommunications. Those who work for the company and become a part of a downline are known as Independent Business Owners.

These IBOs are able to build their downline, creating their own business within a business. Although it is based in Concorde, North Carolina, there are IBOs throughout the United States and several international locations.

The ACN network marketing company was founded by four individuals by the names of Tony and Mike Cupisz, Greg Provenzano, and Bob Stevanovski. Beginning as a long-distance reseller for a company called LCI Communications, it has grown into a multimillion dollar business and has been promoted by the likes of Donald Trump.

The combination of providing local and long-distance phone services, along with high-speed Internet and videophone, makes this company very unique, offering products and services that can only be found within ACN itself. This exclusive nature of the company makes it possible for IBOs to get customers and potentially recruit members into their downline to build their business.

Starting up with ACN Network Marketing – How to Make Money

The primary way that a person is able to make money with ACN is by earning residual income from the money that customers pay on their phone, television, and utility bills. Each person makes a small percentage of what their downline pays, thus making it beneficial for individuals to bring more people into the business as part of their downline.

Every person who joins can bring people into their downline, thus building your business even more. As with all network marketing companies, this opportunity provided by ACN makes it possible for the average person to create a full-time lucrative business by marketing services that people need to use everyday.

Best Ways To Market ACN

Decades ago, people were limited to advertising in their local newspaper or talking to friends and family. Working with your cold market and warm market list was the bread-and-butter of an MLM business, and is still a viable way to generate new leads that may want to join.

However, the Internet has made it possible for individuals to easily tap into all that the World Wide Web has to offer. It is no longer about talking to a cold market or a warm one because of the ability to advertise using video. Like your own virtual video sales machine, you can upload videos to the Internet which will attract people into the business.

You no longer need to worry about talking to strangers, or worrying about rejection, as the video will do all of the selling for you. Of course, it’s still a good idea to meet people face-to-face and use some old-school forms of advertising. However, if you want to take your ACN business to the next level, video marketing, as well as social network marketing, are great places to start building your business.

Consider The ACN Network Marketing Opportunity

If you are interested in building a reputable and profitable network marketing business, ACN is most certainly a business that you should consider. By targeting services that people use everyday, specifically cell phones, electricity, and their television, it is easy to present the benefits of this business to new potential clients and downline members.

If you would like to learn more about the ACN network marketing opportunity, you should contact a local IBO.

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