Empower Network

Thinking about joining David Wood’s Empower Network?

But what is it, exactly?

  • Is it a turnkey mlm lead generation system?
  • A full-blown online attraction marketing funnel?
  • Is it a new MLM… or a super-sexy affiliate program?

Is “empower network” designed as a funded proposal or to replace your primary network marketing business?

Let’s take a closer look, put a few rumors to rest and  discover a few insider secrets that may surprise… no, SHOCK YOU !

Rob Fore Empower Network

Who Else Wants to Make Big Money Blogging?

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The Empower Network

The Empower Network is the brainchild of David Wood and David Sharpe.

The system was officially launched on Halloween, October 31st 2011 by a small team of 40+ sharp affiliate marketers who decided to blaze the trail.

With the first 72 hours, over $250,000+ in affiliate commissions were deposited directly in founding members’ bank accounts.

Then the problems began…

  • The server crashed – again and again
  • Merchant Accounts were getting terminated
  • Paypal would not accept the program

… and more. Over the next two years the company (and affiliates) saw more than their fair share of challenges.

But that is what happens when a new rocket clears the launch pad and blasted straight into orbit at a velocity seldom seen within the internet marketing arena.

So why all the excitement? Is this it… or should we keep looking?

The best answer to that question is:

It depends.

Because… If you are looking for a new type of proven affiliate program that offers an unusually high income potential – this may be exactly what you are looking for.

The magic is you can get started for as little as $25 per month and earn up to $5,125 per sale on the front end and even more money on the back end.

Commissions earned are paid weekly and this is important because if you are one of those who like to promote using paid advertising – you get your profits out a whole lost faster than with most businesses.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a new network marketing opportunity… or if you are looking for a turnkey solution that drops easy commissions out of the sky with the wave of a magic wand… or if you are looking for something for nothing… or you come to the table with no list, no facebook account, no twitter followers – bare to the bone with absolutely nothing going on – and you NEED to make $1,000 tomorrow… then empower network is not for you.

Empower Network System – $25

empower network review

The cost to join the Empower Network is only $25 per month.

This gets you “in the door” and instantly set up with your own search engine optimized blog.

Nothing to install.

Simply make a few easy changes to how you want your name, bio and pic to appear and you’re done…. you’re ready for action.

Notice the social media elements like “share this” and the RSS feed is already coded. This is nothing for you to do except… 1) Blog Daily… 2) Tell Others… 3) Make Money.

Well now… let’s back up the boat.

There is at least TWO other things you must do to cash in the most money blogging and neither one of them is discussed up front like they should be. So let talk more about that now…

Empower Network – Full Disclosure

While it does cost only $25 per month to join empower network and get your own blog, if you want to make money with the program you must also jump through a one very easy “hoop” to be able to start having the commissions deposited directly into your back account.

You have to sign up for an e-wallet account and this will run you an additional $19.95 per month.

So the total cost to get started with a new mobile blog and to be able to earn commissions is $44.95 per month.

Basically, e-wallet is like PayPal and how it works is the company processes all orders and refunds.

They handle everything. Then, once a week, they deposit your earned commissions directly into your new e-wallet account. From there, you can have e-wallet send you a check or make a transfer of your monies directly into your bank account.

Signing up for e-wallet is not a big deal and there is no approval process.

Pay the $19.95 fee and you’re done. That’s it. They also have a short video tutorial that walks you through the entire process which takes about 10 minutes – click here, do this… then this… then this. Pretty easy stuff.

Empower Network for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply selling another person’s product or service to earn a commission and it is by far one of the fastest, easiest ways to get started making a significant income online.

Historically, the challenge has always been you find a great product or service to promote and now you are left to make your first “marketing decision” – HOW are you going to promote this new product or service on a consistent basis over an extended period of time.

Because NO PRODUCT sells itself regards of many claims to the contrary.

So if you want to get paid in affiliate marketing or even by the empower network – YOU must “set up shop” and start learning how to promote whatever it is you are selling.

With the empower network you are given a fully functional,fully optimized blog for this purpose. So the idea is to:

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Market Daily
  3. Make Money

So let me ask you this? What are you going to blog about? And why would you do that?

If you were not able to answer those questions immediately and without hesitation – then I would suggest you venture over to take a peek at my free 5 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp before you join our empower network team… or, better, check out our private team training site here – and when you join our team here and I’ll give you complete access here we’ll discuss exactly what you need to be blogging about and why.

Now, I have to say…

I’ve only made $732,000 promoting this program in the past 24 months… so if you are looking for someone who has made millions, keep looking because I’m still working on it! Click Here for Income Disclaimer

One you do start blogging everyday… even more important is to know how to PROMOTE YOUR BLOG – because if you miss this step you will have wasted your time. (Hint: If you do not promote your blog posts you will never get traffic. No traffic means no visitors and no visitors means no sales and no commissions earned!)

Empower Network for Network Marketing

Empower Network can be used as a lead generation, funded proposal type of system.

Simply add highly targeted, keyword-rich articles to your blog – and promote each post to rank well on the search engines.

Consider putting together a short “bootcamp” showing other frustrated network marketers exactly how they could best use EN to generate daily leads on demand, pocket a few extra affiliate commissions and back end their primary.

So yeah, I’m confident the Empower Network can be effectively used as an online mlm lead generation system if promoted properly.

It is time for you to GET STARTED NOW.

Empower Network Review

Dozens of people made tens of thousands of dollars seemingly “overnight” and that created a firestorm of activity when the Empower Network first launched.

Over 10,00 people joined and set up their own empower network blog with big dreams of finally having found a way to make a significant affiliate income online by simply “posting to your blog everyday” and teaching their new team to do the same thing.


The feeding frenzy crashed the server (numerous times) and while a HANDFUL of people did make tens of thousands of dollars… and DOZENS of people raked in a few thousand from the empower network compensation plan… MOST of the new members didn’t make a dime or make just a few dollars here and there.

So what is the difference that makes all the difference?

Bottom line: Those who make the big money fast (like we did) had a list of people they could promote the new program to.

You see, I make most of my money in network marketing and, in fact, have a team of over 11,00 active distributors worldwide.

To promote this business (or any business for that matter!) we need leads. Lots and lots of leads.

You need to expose your business to new people on a consistent basis over an extended period of time.

Long story short…

18 months ago I joined a program called MLSP – MLM Lead System Pro and discovered how to generate leads online.

The first year we used the program, we built a list of over 6,000 “frustrated networkers” interested in learning how they could use the internet to generate mlm leads, make a significant affiliate income through attraction marketing and get paid even if people did not join their primary network marketing business.

Then EN goes live and I simply sent an few emails out to this huge list of 6,000 people and… voila!

Dozens upon dozen of people joined and we got paid big time.

So the big bucks were earned, initially, by those of us who already had a list – not from cold market marketing!

And certainly NOT from simply “blogging daily”.

You Get The Empower Network Blog

If you are online to make money, the biggest benefit of signing up and getting started is the “empower network blog”.

Because the question you need to be asking if you are serious about building a profitable business fast online is HOW are you going to get your products, services and business opportunity in front of people WHILE they are ACTIVELY SEARCHING  for whatever it is you are promoting. HOW?

The challenge is HOW…

HOW do you get your content, your offers and your wisdom to rank on the search engines for the keywords and phrase real people are actually typing in every day when they sit down in front of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Youtube?

If you have ever built a web site or have hosted your own blog – you know that setting up your site is actually the easy part. NOW you have to create content and promote that content to rank.

Unfortunately, the way the internet works is they rank OLDER SITES with MORE AUTHORITY higher than they rank newer sites with less authority. This means you can literally being doing everything right… but if you have a brand new domain and a brand new web site – you simply will not get any search engine for for 3 to 6 months. Not because you are doing anything wrong… but because that is just how the internet works.

But listen…

When you join you get an INSTANT AUTHORITY BLOG that ranks!

So you can get in, get busy and start producing results almost overnight.

Which changes the game completely – regardless of what you are currently promoting or will promote in the future.

Because it does not matter what you are promoting.

To take your business to the next level you HAVE TO get your content to rank on the search engines and the fastest, easiest, most fool-proof way of making that happen is to start posting and promoting your content on an authority site.

Seriously. Having an authority blog at your disposal puts the odds of success greatly in your favor and gives you a solid 3-6 month head start over those who are setting up their own blogs from scratch because a new blog simply does NOT have any age or authority and simply WILL NOT rank well on the search engines for a good 90-120 days or longer.

Empower Network Compensation Plan

So there are really TWO distinct reasons for considering getting involved with this system:

  • $25 per month gets you an authority blog
  • $19.95 per month allows you to make money promoting the authority blog

the empower network

Should you decide to pay the additional $19.95 per month to participate in the “empower network compensation plan”, here’s how that works…

  • You post and promote whatever you want on your new authority blog
  • You promote the blog posts to rank on the search engines (we teach you how)
  • People find your blog posts to learn more about what you are promoting
  • 15% of the people who visit your posts will click the link to learn more about EN
  • 2-5% of these people will join your team and you earn a monthly commission

Currently there are four distinct products that you can earn commissions on.

  • $25 per month Empower Network Blog
  • $100 per month Inner Circle Marketing Training
  • $250 one-time – $15,000 Per Month Income Formula
  • $500 one-time – Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive Training

Now my results have been pretty impressive. Of course YOUR results may be better of worse than what we have been able to produce. But my results have worked out like this:

  • 100 people purchase the $25 blog system
  • 50 upgrade to the $100 per month Inner Circle
  • 25 invest in the $250 Income Formula
  • 10 pick up the $500 Mastermind Course

And since you earn 70% commissions – the profits add up pretty quick. Not to mention the fact you get paid the $25 and $100 memberships month after month after month on complete autopilot!

But Wait! It Gets Even Better!!

The Empower Network Compensation Plan is unique and it has the potential to make you a lot more money than it appears at first glance.

In fact, what you are about to discover – right here, right now – may surprise even SHOCK YOU at just how easy it is to make a very significant income very fast.

Be warned… you may not sleep well after learning this:

When you promote EN and people join… you earn 70% commissions on all the referrals you bring in for the products you have invested in.

However, you PASS UP commissions earned for your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale you make. These monies are PASSED UP to the person who referred you into the program.

Meaning… if you were to make 10 sales at the $25 level… YOU would earn $25 per month on the 1st sale, 3rd, 5th and on sales 7-10. Meaning you would pocket $175 per month and your sponsor will earn $75 per month from your efforts.

So you are GIVING AWAY good money, right? But don’t be too depressed because watch what happens with the 7 people you are getting paid for!

Let’s they each makes 10 sales and each of your seven guys or gals are now making $175 per month. They’re happy and all is good.

YOU GET 7 x 3 x $25 per month – $575 per month.

See how that works? Now if you really don’t want top sleep tonight – click here to take a closer look at the Empower Network compensation plan straight from the mouth of David Wood, the founder.

Our Empower Network Team Benefits

If you have ever tried your hand at affiliate marketing you know how tough it can be to research, write and publish new content consistently.

It just takes a lot of time and effort and, frankly, most of us have not written anything since high school, right?

To help you GET STARTED NOW on the fast track to creating wealth  – when you join our team and stay active – we GIVE YOU 30 new articles per month you can post to your new empower network blog each and every month.

This eliminate the “blank page blues” that stops most new members dead in the water.

Even more powerful, as a paid member in good standing, YOU can offer this same benefit to your new team members so we can all start making more money faster and easier than ever before.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in. Get busy. And let’s make incredible thing happen within the Empower Network today.

Sign Up Today – Right Here, Right Now

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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  1. says

    Yeah because you don’t use their website either.

    I don’t like their new blogging system at all!

    How bout you give me your two cents into why I’d always find this blog and not your EN blog?

    Hey – I make more money not using the EN blog myself.

    Just want your opinion.


    • says

      Mays – thanks for sharing. My reality is pretty simple… I want to keep control of my content and brand ME. Plain and simple. Which is why I rarely will post content on the EN blog itself. But that does not mean we don’t HEAVILY promote EN. I am also the #2 producer for MLSP – and I don’t post content on their system either. I also make a ton of affiliate commissions promoting clickbank items… and don’t post on their system either.

  2. Don says

    Not a comment but questions. My wife and I spent our retirement monies on our Son’s medical problems ( resulting in death )and our daughter trying to save her home. No regrets. BUT We are now living on our Social Security and that is the only income we have. So the question is can one start on the $ 25.00 per month and work up from there. We do not have a name list and we would be starting from scratch. My back ground is upper management in the auto industy with upward of 3500 people under my management and at present I am 83 years young and fit as a fiddle. ??????

    • says

      Yes, Don… you can certainly start at the lowest levels and work your way up. However, it is $25.00 per month for the blog and an additional $19.95 per month to participate in the affiliate program so you get paid. So you are looking at $44.95 minimum to get started. http://make.cashbychoice.com

  3. kim says

    Hi Rob, I just wanted to clear something up as I read your EN blog what I get from it is that because the website is older it will rank high in the search engines. So if we blog daily basically our website will rank and we will get traffic which will make us money.
    That’s what I got from it so that seems easy enough however later in your email you say that that is not enough and that you need to “promote” the EN blog. That just posting to the blog will not really be enough to really generate leads and commissions?
    Have I understood this correctly? From the lack of luck and experience I have had with marketing online I have to say I was excited at first to join EN but to have to spend even more money to promote the blog AND with no experience in the technical aspect of marketing and generating leads I feel discouraged and don’t feel as excited to join now?
    Any thoughts?

    Thank You,

    • says

      Because the EN domain has age and authority – it will rank EASIER and FASTER than a site without authority. NO site will rank without promotion. So you need to promote it. But if you have a new blog and I was using an authority blog like EN and we both had similar content – you might have to get 500 links to get your content to rank where I might need to only get 24 links to rank. HUGE difference.

      We teach how to promote your content in our private team training site AND you also learn from within the EN site as well.

      Watch the video on this page about the most recent google penguin update.

      Also, keep in mind there is NO FREE LUNCH when it comes to building a profitable business. Every business has a cost. If you buy a store – you have rent and inventory. When you marketing online, you need software and tools.

  4. Ronald says

    Hi Rob, me again. mlsp or EN? Im new to direct selling mlm. have no clue whatsoever but i know i need to make more money for my family. please help me with some knowledge of which one i should get into. thank you.

    • says

      It depends. If you are looking for an opportunity – EN is the way to go. If you are already in a deal, then MLSP is the way to go as they teach you how to generate traffic, leads and sales to promote anything.

  5. says

    Hi Rob

    Excellent info here and good answers. I have one that no one may really no but would value your opinion. In all honesty do you think EN has peaked. It seems so many programs,even great ones peak and then fizzle after a year or so. What makes EN different? I’ve seen some bans on facebook and other such communities saying “no EN.” Does this mean the market is sated? Could Google be next? A massive network that first is seen as authority may soon be seen as unwelcome. What do you see happening down the road? You seem like someone who plans ahead, so do you think there is still potential? Hate to be kicking myself this time next year.

  6. devk says

    I have been looking at all the information and am considering joining. I am however very confused about what exactly you do. Are you simply selling the system or are there other products that EN is teamed up with to sell or are you supposed to you this system to sell other products? Again, I’m very confused and would surely appreciate some clarification.

  7. ChristopherDavis11 says

    this was very informative you are a inspre of us all in the marketing field – appreciate all that you do.

  8. spectra1947 says

    I am willing to put in the effort and time into this but I honestly don’t have a list of anybody I could send stuff to. Without that is there anyway to be successful still?

  9. Bear1 says

    I am very new to, “making money online.” However I do see much potential with The Empowerment Network. Being a babe in the online world, I know it takes time to make any substantial amount of money. So really what do I do once I become a member and sign up for e wallet. From my understanding All I do is write a new blog everyday, get leads and drive them to my web-site and hope they want to join under me. In one way it sounds easy but in another way it sounds like, how can you really make money. First of all I dont write blogs. Don’t know the first thing of what to write about. Can I purchase blogs already written and put them on my web-site? Before I plop down any money I need to be assured that someone has my back and I can HONESTLY make a living from doing this. Thanks Barry

  10. ivnsmc says

    @Rob Fore Amen to that brother, in life it is all up to YOU do the work and to the victor goes the spoils, aint no handouts in network marketing if everyone realized that things would be a lot simpler and more people would have the financial freedom the industry provides.

  11. says

    Hey Rob,
    I am already in EN and for the life of me can’t remember the name of the service you recommended in one of the training videos (I think the 15k).. well a service that offered to post to your blog for you using seo and posts that will rank in the se’s.. price being 50-100 a month by a gentleman. I think the website was this guys name or a service… Geez, I just can’t remember.. Silly to say but I think the design of that was a red background.. Any ideas?
    Thanks, Toki

  12. sean953007 says

    So if i were to join EN would i have access to all the training material i would need for a beginner? Also if you had no list and very little cash on you how would you start with EN? like you say copy whats working for somebody else.

    • says

      Yes, Sean… EN gives you everything you need to make money online. There are a lot of “beginners” who are making money with EN. Why not you?

  13. davidsulli says

    Hi Rob, thanks for your time. You mentioned the blog we receive is an authority blog; does it have Google Page Rank and what would that be? Also, is that domain aged? And one more thing, are the 30 new articles you provide duplicate content and will they pass Copyscape? I have used MLSP in the past when I was promoting an MOR Vacations and has some good results; I think EN will be a good fit for that. Again, I thank you very much for your time as I continue my due diligence.

  14. GeorgiaThompsonSawyer says

    Rob, my husband and I met you in Austin.  Since then I’ve had my eye or you and your marketing.  You stuck our interest.  The things you are doing are amazing.  You really know your stuff and have taught me a lot, thank you for that.  I have outsourced my blogging, however, I am blogging in the EN blog.   I know the hours it takes to have a blog set-up.  Why is it that you do not blog on the EN blog?  Should I focus on setting my own blog up and blogging there, or having her blog there for me?  Interested to hear what you have to say about this…
    Thank you Rob!

  15. Char says

    THIS IS 2013 – Don’t we need to update our marketing style Rob??

    What are you doing in marketing EN now in 2013???

    • says

      Really? I have been making a multiple six-figure income since 1996 by BLOGGING and getting our content to rank online. What makes 2013 any different?

  16. Alex says

    Hey Rob,

    First of, thanks for all the great advice. I been with EN since the beginning of January ’13 and I been following the 8 core commitments. I was just really curious how some people are able to rank there blog post within a matter of a couple days? Most of my posts get a SEO score of 75 – 80%, is that enough get a high ranking. Another thing that really confuses me is that some people recommend using tribepro, while others say it can hurt your site due to “bad backlinks”. I really hope your could share your thoughts on this. Thank you in advance.

  17. SuperDave says

    I may or may not join but that bit of information you just shared is worth $100 per letter! Many will skip right over it but those that read it and let it marinate then do it..will change their lives. Thank you Rob.

  18. chabo says

    Rob: Thanks for the detailed and honest explanation on how EN really works.

    Just a few questions:
    1. Is paypal still an option for payment?
    2. I’m not into blogging daily, so for starters do you help your team on the content in case I joined under you?

  19. Carly says

    I joined EN on the $25, but no one replies to any advice I ask for. Admittedly I’ma little afraid of spending ALL the money to GET ALL IN because I have no one to give me any advice. i’m complete new and my ssponsers word were, “Take massive action”

    I’ve got a few sign ups after 3 months, no sales and no more sign ups and I’m advertising too. This is frustrating me. is there actually people that help, I mean HONESTLY help.

    • says

      Most of the HELP you are asking for can be found in the training available at the higher levels. Everything you need to have success with EN can be found within the system itself and if you have technical challenges – like how to add a pic to your blog or something like that – SEARCH Google or Youtube. No one has time to teach you the basics when that information can be found free all over the place. On our team, we offer a private team training site and access to a private Facebook Group that is pretty active – where we can all ask and answer questions for the entire team (see http://members.empowernetworkuniversity.com). If you don’t have that support – don’t let that stop you. Take responsibility and get it done regardless.

  20. Monique says

    Hello Rob,

    I’ve read two of your blog posts and some comments that followed. I am now 26 and will be 27 in a couple of weeks. I’ve been looking for a work at home jobs since my highschool years. I’ve lost a lot of money and gained about $50 bucks with a lot of work and time. I’ve tried a lot of things in the past even before the internet really kicked off. I mean REALLY kicked off and became a big deal. A few generic quetions I have for you. For a dedicated person such as myself or even an average person, how much a month would I make? Realistically. I could say I have a lot of time on my hands because I am a stay-at-home mom for now collecting unemployment. I am a full time student taking online courses from home so being in front of the computer all day is basically what I do. From my understanding, I would have to pay approximately $50 a month while working this system. Another question, do I have to make phone calls with this system? Do I need an email account different from my personal account? What else do I need to invest besides the time and $50? Do I have to take surveys and subscribe to other programs within the system? Do I have to write a blog every day of the month or just once a month? Is about 10 hours a week good enough to actually make money on this? The $50, when does that get taken out of my account? Does it come from my personal account or my paypal account? Sorry for all of the questions, but I’ve been trying to find something since highschool. Back then it was pretty ease to scam me, but after losing so much money over the years, I can’t let my funds go to waste. It’s hard to find and keep a job nowadays and like others, I have personal reasons to work a home. I want to make an extra income. Waiting for your response.


    • says

      Monique – impossible questions to answer. The MAJORITY of people who join any program simply do not do the work required to make any money. A few do. We do over 40k PER MONTH with empower and there are those making over 150k per month. So the “how much” YOU can make will be entirely up to you. Do you have to make phone calls? No. I don’t make any outbound calls. Then, again, there are those who do call all their leads. So, once again, it will be up to YOU how you decide to build your business and figure out what works best for you – your time, talent and skill sets.