Autopilot Money System

Seriously? You are looking for an autopilot money system?!

Now don't take this the wrong way but…

Don't you think if a real “autopilot money system” existed it would be all over the news, featured in magazines and billboards and everyone in the world would be all over it quicker than you can say, “Sign Me Up”?

The reality is there are a LOT of ways to CREATE an autopilot money system which will continue to bring in a nice stream of passive or semi-passive income – once set up and established – but a simple plug-n-play, off-the-shelf solution does not exist.

So if you are willing to invest a little bit of time and energy upfront, you can create your own autopilot money system pretty quickly.

Let's take a look at a few of those options – right here, right now.

Autopilot Money System Ideas

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and well-known ways many people use to make extra money online.

Affiliate Marketing Definition: A way for a company to sell its products or services by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company's products for a commission.

Notice there are two sides to affiliate marketing. If you have product or service for sale you (the company) can set up an affiliate program an pay other people to advertise, market and sell your products for you in exchange for paying them a commission per sale. Once set up and established, you have now created an autopilot money system that will take very little time or attention to maintain.

On the other side, you can also sign up to market and promote another company's product and services.

This is how most people online get started.

So the goal with this model is to find a way to simply drive traffic and makes sales on behalf of the company to earn a commission.

You get paid for sales and they handle all order processing functions.

We've earned tens of thousands with Empower Network. Just saying…

You can find many hundreds, even thousands of products, companies and name brands to promote listed within affiliate marketing directories. Some of the larger directories include Clickbank, Commission Junction, Share a Sale, Amazon and eBay.

Setting Up An Autopilot Money System

Let's assume you sign up to be an affiliate for a company offering a variety of doll clothes. If you make a sale you earn a 20-30% commission based on the volume of sales you make per month. autopilot money system

The next step is to decide how you will market and promote these doll clothes. Will you create a web site or a blog, write content about the doll clothes and attempt to this content to rank on the search engines so when potential customers are shopping for doll clothes they will visit your site and order through your affiliate links? This is the most common model and it can be scaled up to create a nice autopilot money system once your new “store” begins to get a lot of traffic.

Another option is to advertise your affiliate links by placing banner ads, classified ads, pay-per-click ads or even running solo ezine ads. The challenge here is to find an advertising venue that is profitable and then finding a way to scale this up and automate the system.

Autopilot Money System Challenges

Since 1997 I've built FIVE six figure and even multiple six-figure businesses online.

Two were classic affiliate marketing businesses and two were what I call LEVEREAGED network marketing businesses. The fifth time was selling our own products and services and setting up it up to offer an affiliate program.

Over the years we've had great success building out a few autopilot money systems. So let me share a couple lessons learned along the way so help speed up your journey…

Building tiny little affiliate sites (think autoblogs or product review blogs) works and it can produce a significant income. But the model is based on scale. You MUST build hundreds of site and when we were active in this arena I built out over 780 of these blogs.

The CHALLENGE was maintaining them all and we eventually had to hire staff to make that happen. Each site did only about $40 profit per month and some of the sites would become worthless over time because the product was taken off the market or upgraded. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this model for most people.

Ebay and Amazon niche affiliate sites. This model is a bit different in that you create less sites and work more towards adding and promoting NICHE related products and services wih the goal of being an authority site. For example, you might set up a WEDDING SITE then offer dresses, gowns, catering and everything related to weddings. This is a better model long-term because, over time, if you promote it properly you can get a lot of automatic traffic and sales.

THE CHALLENGE is you will find yourself competing in a “commodities” type market that pays little tiny commissions and these are what are called ONE UP commissions. Someone buys a wedding dress once… no need to come back and buy more later. So you need new traffic and new sales every month. Which is fine once you have traffic and can maintain the traffic. It is also very difficult to promote these programs using paid traffic because the profit margins are not there. I DO RECOMMEND this model for people who are well-verse in internet marketing and/or who have a team of people to help create a massive authority site with lots and lots of fresh content.

Best Autopilot Money System Revealed

automatic money systemsThe best approach we've found that offers the greatest chance of making a lot of extra money fast is to build out an authority site offering a variety of products and services to a HUGE niche market where most of these products and service pay out a MONTHLY COMMISSION.

Think about the gold rush days. Tens of thousands of people staked claims and worked their claims in the hope of create a golden autopilot money system. Most failed. Most left broke. But the people who got rich… virtually 100% of the time without fail… we're those who sold TOOLS and resources to all the miners.

For example, we offer a FREE Attraction Marketing Bootcamp which teaches the network marketing niche (there are over 63 million people who have staked their claim and are hoping to get rich in MLM) how to get more leads, make more money and create an autopilot money system to sponsor more people using the internet and attraction market.

We LEAD WITH free information. We then guide them to the various TOOLS they will want to use to produce the result they are looking for. And… most of these tools pay a monthly commissions. So we “work once” and get paid again and again and again.

Now if I were just getting started today I would take a close, hard, serious look at the new Empower Network opportunity. This program cost only $25 to get started and it gives you most of the heavy duty tools you need to get started including a massive pre-built authority site you can use to start driving traffic to you site fast. It also targets a MASSIVE NICHE called “business opportunity seekers” and it pays a 100% MONTHLY COMMISSION.

Who Else Wants to Get Paid 100% Commissions?

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

PS – Imagine what it would mean to you and your family if you could work less than ONE HOUR per day, five days per week… and within 3-6 months… add a few hundred, even a few thousand to your bank account each and every month.

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