A Free Expert Guide to YouTube Marketing

youtube marketingToys, books, food supplements, equipment, and beauty products are being sold every day.

Some people use multi-level marketing as their business strategy to sell their products.

There is nothing wrong about this marketing scheme if the product or service is really worth it.

No matter what product or service you provide, there are many ways to market it.

Online, word-of-mouth, print and other media are used for marketing and these cost a lot of money.

There is an easier way to help you expand your client base—YouTube marketing.

Companies and entrepreneurs use social media to increase their client base.

They do it by generating traffic in their product’s website. They post videos which are embedded through YouTube.

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YouTube marketing has been popular for quite a while now and it really helps especially if you know what to do. Here is a simple guide to YouTube marketing to help you increase online visibility as well as sales.

1.    Set-up a Channel on YouTube

The first step to YouTube marketing is setting up a channel. YouTube is a good way to market your product because it is accessible to everyone. They can learn about your product or services in one click which is convenient. Setting up a YouTube account is a great help to you and your marketing goals because clients can easily look it up online.

If you entered the right keywords in your tags, the easier it would be for people to see your videos. Setting up an account for YouTube marketing is easy. Just sign up with your Google account.

2.    Optimize your Channel for Effective YouTube Marketing

The next step towards successful YouTube marketing is optimizing your channel. With YouTube’s feature called One Channel, there is no excuse for optimization because it can be seen across all devices.

People use different gadgets to view videos on YouTube so your channel must be visually pleasing across all devices. As you know, content without form is not pleasing at all. Hence, the way to successful YouTube marketing is good content and good presentation.

3.    Upload Content and Other Links

YouTube marketing is about what you sell. If it’s a product, then persuade people to buy it through your videos. If you are a service provider, tell people what you offer. If it’s a marketing scheme, you can tell them many things through videos starting from the signing-up process, creating and recruiting members, and how they can increase commissions online.

Content is necessary towards successful YouTube marketing because that is what people want—good content. They don’t want to waste their time watching videos which are not helpful. Start with content!

As a marketer, your knowledge of SEO will go a long way in YouTube marketing because you can customize what you include in the description. Entering the right keywords will lead clients to your channel. Think of the keywords you will type if you are the client and not the marketer. Would it be the same with the keywords you included in your videos? If not, think about it.

It is not new to you that you can include links not only on the videos but also on your account. You should not take links for granted because they really help especially those who are searching for your main blog. Yes, you provide content on YouTube but there are people who also want to read your blog. Take advantage of that feature—use links!

4.    Content for YouTube Marketing

While almost everything can be seen on YouTube, your content must be based on what you provide. Content for YouTube marketing varies because it must relay what you offer. An effective YouTube video is a video that clients would watch until the end. You must have a long-term plan if you want a successful marketing campaign on YouTube.

You must think of your content in a way that you would be satisfied if you are the viewer. A video must not be too long or too short. Regardless of the length, it must be helpful. You only need a clear and simple video if the content is helpful.

5.    Regularization of Content is a MUST

How can you show your client that you are serious in your marketing goals? The answer is regular content. It shows your eagerness to sell your product or service and eagerness to help your clients. Uploading content on YouTube on a regular basis gives your viewers a reason to subscribe so they would be updated if you upload a new content.

This can also help your visibility on YouTube. Remember that regularity does not mean you have to post every day. YouTube marketing is about quality of videos and not the number of videos you post. Hence, one video a week will suffice.

6.    Build your Community and Increase Traffic

Remember that YouTube is not just a video site. It is also a community and you must be a part of it. Engage with your viewers by replying to their comments, subscribing to other channels, and doing everything to let them know that you’re “in there”. This may sound easy but it is not because this requires time.

The next thing you need for successful YouTube marketing is more visibility and traffic. Many network marketers use YouTube to share their content. Websites such as provenprofitsystems.com and robfore.com take advantage of the benefits of YouTube by uploading videos to earn commissions and increase their client base. Increase traffic by optimizing the title, description, and the tags you put into your video. If you include the correct keywords on your title, tags, and description, the likelihood of people finding your video would increase.

7.    Promote your Site Through Other Sites

YouTube marketing does not end on YouTube. You need other sites because not all people go directly to YouTube. They first check Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and other sites. As a marketer, you should promote your channel in all available ways—through Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

By doing so, you increase the likelihood of people stumbling upon your video. As a marketer, you should take all the opportunity to make your video visible. Since most social networking sites are free, promote through other sites your YouTube marketing scheme.

8.    Blog and Cross-Promotion are Necessary    

You also need to cross-promote your channel with other marketers on YouTube. This will help your visibility online and at the same time you build a network. Lastly, blog about your videos and include your videos in your blog entries. You don’t know who will stumble upon your blog so make the most out of your videos by posting them on your blog, especially if your content is a step-by-step approach.

If you still find it difficult to market your product or service especially if you are engaged in multi-level marketing, there are sites which can help you in your marketing skills such as provenprofitsystems.com and robfore.com. These helped a lot of people improve their marketing skills.

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