Exclusive YouTube Marketing Tips for Business Owners

youtube marketing tipsHere are some YouTube marketing tips that you may heed to promote your business more effectively.

Upload Effective Video Contents

Primarily, no list of YouTube marketing tips will be adequate without mentioning the necessity of producing effective videos.

When we say ‘effective,’ it is not enough that you setup your own channel with its own icon, trailers and social links.

Instead, the goal of setting up your own YouTube channel must be for long-term.

Just recently, YouTube changed its search algorithm, retaining viewers better through more visibility.

For instance, there are suggested and related videos for users to peruse.

What you should do to maximize watch-time is to create videos with compelling contents.

Producing a video is easy wherein you just need simple techniques in terms of video structure and quality production.

Yet one of the most critical YouTube marketing tips is ensuring the consistency in the flow of information. Remember that you’ll only have 15 seconds to catch a viewer’s attention and whether they will continue watching the video or not. Within that period, you must be able to pique the viewer’s interest, curiosity and trust.

Some ways to do this are through animated introductions, teasers and previews. These can add production value and dynamicity to usually static videos. Whatever your goal is, the video must inspire the viewer and keep him or her engaged the whole time while watching your video.

Contents and Calls to Action

Contents must be consistently updated. YouTube marketing tips almost always emphasize this. There are at least three reasons why you should do this. It keeps your YouTube channel’s feed active, increases YouTube presence and builds audience.

While video contents may depend on your business goals and target audience, at a minimum, you should upload one video weekly. If your video is too long, for instance, you may simply split the video into several short versions. This will make your viewers deeply engaged and look forward for new videos.

To make the process more effective, integrate clear, precise calls to action on the videos themselves. This can’t be emphasized enough by YouTube marketing tips. It doesn’t matter whether you put the call to action in the beginning, middle or ending of the video. However, make sure that the video will not cause confusion among your videos. Calls to action must be simple enough so your viewers may act on it immediately.

Not all YouTube marketing tips may mention this, but you should use power words on calls to action. Some of these words are ‘subscribe’, ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘comment’ and ‘add to favorite’. Again, the videos must give the viewers the reason to act. Some channel owners simply put the link to their respective websites at the end of the video for the viewers to visit.

YouTube Marketing Tips – Optimizing the Channel and Videos

Now that you’ve created compelling and engaging videos, the next best thing is optimization. YouTube marketing tips must mention the need to target the homepage, results page and related videos. Use and maximize metadata in encapsulating the videos.

After creating the video, your goal must be crafting a title that grabs attention and is search engine optimized. Not all YouTube marketing tips will tell you this, but relevant keywords must be at the start of the title while the branding should be at the end. Don’t use tricky titles since they only ruin the video’s ranking and watch-time.

Descriptions must be simplistic as well because YouTube shortens them. You just need to optimize the first two sentences with a link to the landing page or main site. Use relevant keywords on the descriptions that intrigue the viewers, but in an SEO-friendly way. You may end video descriptions with a URL or two. Don’t flood your description with URLs because most viewers won’t like it.

Tags should be optimized in a way that important key terms are prioritized. Common keywords and key phrases should be used. However, don’t forget to incorporate long-tail keywords. There must be adequate tags so you may describe the videos accurately and thoroughly. When identifying tags, you must think of yourself as the searcher and ask yourself what keywords you will use in searching for a video content.

Other important YouTube marketing tips that are worth mentioning are using thumbnails and annotations. Thumbnails are like banners to your videos. Thumbnails can attract viewership although this might depend on the quality of the thumbnails themselves.

This means that you have to upload high resolution photos that represent the entire content accurately. The photos should look great regardless of their sizes. YouTube accounts that are in good standing may upload customized thumbnails with each video upload.

If you are a beginner, annotations refer to text overlays on the videos. Again, there are only a few YouTube marketing tips that can increase your channel’s viewership, and utilizing annotations is just one of them. Some annotations that can be embedded on the videos are speech bubbles, notes, titles, spotlights and labels.

These annotations are used for navigation, subscription, linkage, engagement and interactivity. Annotations can be customized as well, so you may experiment to determine which ones match your brand the most.

When using annotations, be modest. Several, unrelated annotations may only turn off your viewers and eventually decrease the video’s average watch-time. Possibly, the annotations mustn’t be on the lower part of the video since they can be obscured by ads. These should be at the mid-part of the videos, but the careful since they may get in the way of the contents.

There is a multitude of YouTube marketing tips online and even on YouTube itself. However, you have to discern which among these tips are applicable to your brand, business and audience and which are not.

Just make sure that whatever you do, your contents will standout within and outside YouTube to maximize your video production initiatives and efforts. Your goal should be continue producing high quality content that can deliver great results for your business.

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