YouTube Marketing Software to Boost Your Business

youtube marketing softwareOver the years, YouTube has been able to transform itself as a valuable marketing tool that businesses – regardless of their natures, scopes, and sizes – can utilize.

However, for an online business owner to maximize his or her use of YouTube as a tool to promote their business further, YouTube marketing software must be utilized as well.

Actually, there are several marketing software programs and applications that are specifically created for YouTube users.

Here are some of the best YouTube marketing software available:

Tube Toolbox
Tube Toolbox has several features like security, automation, collection, support, and add-ons. It is possible to research and analyze competition as it allows users to manage, synchronize, import and export videos, friends, subscribers, and favorite lists.

With this YouTube marketing software, you can also instantly send messages and friend requests from your Tube Toolbox account.

The friend requests, for instance, are sent out to those who like, share, or comment on other videos in your niche.

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When these people confirm the requests, they may also become your subscribers who may watch and comment on your videos. Tube Toolbox complies with all terms and conditions of YouTube.

Tube SEO Commando

Tube SEO Commando is the YouTube marketing software to use if you wish to optimize your video contents. In increasing ranking and viewership, the software involves the use of keyword frequency.

The software aims to build authority channels based on the contents and that owners can fully control. For instance, through Tube SEO Commando, channel owners may increase video subscriptions and enhance back link automation on every video upload.

AVS is capable of creating videos from the images and promotional texts and URLs. This is the best YouTube marketing software if you have no idea how to produce a video. AVS is very good in generating YouTube traffic, but it can also generate indirect traffic due to its SEO capabilities. This software also supports affiliate marketing.

Tube Nitro
Tube Nitro is the YouTube marketing software that is almost the same as Tube Toolbox. Tube Nitro enables users of accessing contact details who like, subscribe, comment and share videos on your niche. You may contact these users through your YouTube account, however, and not directly from Tube Nitro.

Pixability – Not Exactly YouTube Marketing Software

Pixability is not really a YouTube marketing software application, but a creator of such. In fact, it has at least four software programs namely Latte, Cappuccino, Caffeine and Espresso. Latte allows users to reach more prospects through creating targeted YouTube advertisements.

Cappuccino enhances video marketing via the combination of content marketing and advertisements. Caffeine enables users to create and promote full videos. Aside from dynamic branding, integrating contents with social media tools and generating competitive analytics are also possible with Caffeine. Espresso is Pixability’s support in assisting beginners with the contents of their promotional videos.

Viewbix supports otherwise boring and static videos through embedding interactive applications. Viewbix not only offers interactive apps, but also encourage viewers to act on what they are watching. Some apps that Viewbix provides users are GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp and Constant Contact that entice viewers to sign up on your newsletter.

Other apps are eBay, Coupon, Scribd, QR Code, Twitter and RSS feed. For instance, your viewers may instantly print a coupon directly from the videos. Ebay, on the other hand, enables viewers to view current auctions and sales.

Through this, you will be able to generate more leads and eventually more profits as the viewers explore your channel and what each video has in store for them.

EasyVideoSuite has key features namely record, publish, market and track. The YouTube marketing software produces screen captures and records through your webcam. It also converts the videos into web-ready formats while also helping users to personalize the website video player.

EasyVideoSuite also allows users of using templates in creating landing pages with opt-in forms and ‘buy now’ buttons. Finally, through the software, you may track the progress of your videos in terms of numbers of views and plays. Viewer demographics can be also created.

The Traffic Player
The Traffic Player can be possibly integrated as a WordPress plug-in. It focuses on customizing videos. This YouTube marketing software has two options. The first option gives users up to 20 video skins and other features such as automatic resizing; header, footer or sidebar placement; parameter selection; multi-domain license; training and support.

The second option gives users the features of the first option as well as HTML code generation; iFrame code support; embed code support; flash video support; MP4, FLV and H.264 format support and social media tools.

Video Curation Pro
Video Curation Pro focuses on creating, spinning and presenting videos. Basically, Video Curation Pro is another YouTube marketing software application that makes videos through images. The software sources images from the local hard drive as well as Pinterest and Instagram.

It also sets image duration for each image, adds image or text captions, creates custom watermark and adds background music. Aside from these, Video Curation Pro can also put the necessary details on the video including meta tags, descriptions, categories and settings (longitude and latitude. Finally, the software allows PDF video submission reporting.

My PYTA is not a software application, but a website where you can promote the videos on your channel. My PYTA allows users to view other views on the same niche. It comes with a personal YouTube assistant that enables users to focus on the core business. It provides reports on viewership and subscription.

Evidently, there are many YouTube marketing software today. All of them promise to perform and deliver the results you expect from them. Certainly, these YouTube marketing software programs can streamline traffic, lead and sales-generation processes of any online business.

However, you cannot just utilize a software application. You have to discern which of these applications has the best fit with your business.

Ultimately, you need to conduct a thorough research on your choices of marketing software programs before actually thinking of using any program. You should know how you can maximize the program so you may get the most out of it.

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