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Want more traffic, leads and sales…

… without all the headache and hassle of writing new content, publishing, optimizing and hoping “Big G” will give your new page some high ranking love?

Then think “youtube advertising video ad” for high impact, low cost traffic and conversions. Check it out:

Youtube Advertising Video Ad


Youtube Advertising | Check Out MLSP Program

Did you know, according to ComScore, an incredible 83.5 percent of all U.S. Internet users watched an online video sometime in January 2011?

That’s a whopping 171 million people who watched online video from the US alone… and the real kicker is the U.S. represents less than half of the entire worldwide youtube advertising video ad universe.

Not to mention all the videos being watched from smart phones and other portable devices.

Bottom line? Online video is huge and getting bigger by the hour. So if you are looking for another way to drive traffic to your site, generate some high quality leads and pocket a few more sales… think video marketing.

Organic Search Versus Youtube Advertising

Head on over to Google and type in a search. Nine times out of ten you will find two or three youtube video ranking on the first page of the SERPs (search engine results page).

This is the holy grail of video marketing. Because if you can get one or more of your videos to rank high in the SERPs for a keyword that get a lot of searches – we’re talking about getting, potentially, a massive amount of free traffic on complete autopilot.

The challenge is in getting your videos to rank organically. To pull this off you will find yourself competing against a ton of other marketers who are also trying to get their youtube ad to rank and it requires a great deal of search engine optimization skill and a massive amount of backlinks. Even after all of that… you have no guarantee your video will rank.

An easier way is simply to take advantage of youtube promotional videos…

Youtube Advertising is 1-2-3 Easy

  1. Simply upload a video to your Youtube channel like normal. Then go sign up for a free youtube promotional video account via Google Adwords.
  2. Select the video you want to promote to create a new youtube advertising video ad campaign and write a tiny three line classified ad.
  3. Upload keywords you want your new video to displayed for and set the maximum you are willing to pay per click on your video.

That’s it! You’re done!!

Now simply have to keep track of the results. For example, as mentioned in the video tutorial above, I started promoting a very lucrative affiliate program called MLSP a few months ago. My normal organic sales conversion rates have been a very solid 4.75% opt in to sale. Meaning I would pocket 4-5 sales for every 100 leads generated.

In the month of February we set up a few youtube advertising video ad campaigns. Long story short:

  • 350+ video clicks at a cost of $0.06 per click
  • 18 leads at a cost of $1.16 per lead
  • 6 sales netting over $154 profit

Of course your youtube advertising campaigns may or may not produce such a wonderful result.

The result you enjoy will greatly depend on how well your youtube ad “pre-sells” the prospect into visiting your site or placing an order.

You may also have to tweak your ads to keep costs down and conversions high. And, of course, the WHAT you are promoting has to have a large enough profit margin to make your youtube advertising video ads viable.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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