4 Proven WordPress Popup Plugins That Work

wordpress popup pluginsWordPress is an exceptional platform with immense flexibility and space for customization that is almost unmatched.

Users are constantly craving maximizing their experience with this platform and this is where quality WordPress popup plugins come into action.

There are many options out there, but a select few that are truly exceptional with their purpose and quality. Let’s take a glance at some of these WordPress popup plugins and what makes them special.

Alligator Popup

This is a simple, effective WordPress popup plugin that has earned rave reviews from one and all for its usefulness. It does its task with simplicity that is truly remarkable for users wanting something elegant, but easy to use.

Alligator popup is wonderful because it is a simple addition of a shortcode where the user wants to have the popup emerge.

Factors such as the height, width, and the URL can all be altered through this shortcode.

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One of the biggest concerns for most users comes in the form of how quickly they will be able to install and get things running. With this particular option, the set-up time is minimal at worst and that is great for those who do not want to waste time.

For more information visit the official website, http://wordpress.org/plugins/alligator-popup/.

Easy WordPress Cookies Popup

Ever seen those unique popups that warn traffic that is coming into the site about potential cookies that will be tracking data from them? This is a neat little plugin that ensures all traffic understands cookies will be used and clarifies this immediately.

EU regulation makes it mandatory to have some form of alerting system in place for traffic about cookies. Thus, it becomes imperative to have a popup in place for this purpose and make sure it is effective.

This is where the Easy WordPress Cookie plugin is a wonderful addition to all of the customizable options out there.

This is a great little plugin that will only show up for new users and make sure they are aware about the cookies that are on the website immediately.

For more information, visit http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp-cookie-popup/.


At times, it becomes essential to have some form of popup in place to make announcements and/or list special ads. This is where it becomes difficult to find a solution, but this particular option is quite effective in getting the job done.

Popup is an exceptional tool because it is designed to get past those popup blocking tools that can become a nuisance. The ‘unbloackable’ nature of this plugin is a major plus point and should not be overlooked.

To ensure the website’s integrity and quality is maintained, the popup will only show up once and then never again for the user. This is essential as websites can become troublesome and lose traffic because of these popups. A balance has to be maintained and this plugin does a great job.

For more information, visit http://wordpress.org/plugins/popup/.

ITRO Popup Plugin – One of the Top WordPress Popup Plugins

This is one of those WordPress Popup Plugins that has earned continuous rave reviews for its quality and overall worthiness.

Many plugin options that are made by the community are simply hideous. They certainly serve their purpose, but it should look aesthetically pleasing too. This is where the ITRO Popup Plugin wins hands down.

The animations are brilliant as the popups fade in and out with ease. It is a great feature to have for those who want something that looks nice to the eye.

The support is wonderful for this popup and users will notice the immediate change to their website and how it functions. It is a great addition to any website and is a must for those who want quality popups.

For more information, visit http://wordpress.org/plugins/itro-popup/.

These are some of the most highly rated WordPress popup plugins available at the moment and they are continually improving the system to make sure it fits all needs.

These are great WordPress popup plugins and should be implemented by those website owners who want something snappy, elegant, and easy to use. All of these options have that required combination and are a must have at the moment.

It simply does not get better than these plugins and all WordPress users should be focusing on these options as they move forward.

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