Easy Ways to Make Money Online

ways to make money onlineThere are thousands of blogs, ebooks, podcasts, and guides devoted to ways to make money online.

Each online marketing guru promises that their way is the best way to get rich while working from home, but in most cases the claims that they make are massively exaggerated.

Making money online is not easy.

Most people who try to start an online business fail and abandon their efforts before the domain name they chose for their online marketing venture expires for the first time.

There are millions of abandoned blogs, hub pages and adwords accounts, and so many stories of people who wasted money on pay-per click marketing trying to grow their online empire.

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That’s not to say, however, that online marketing is a waste of time. There are ways to make money online if you are patient and willing to invest time and effort into growing your business. Let’s take a look at some of the best online marketing systems.

Making Money From Ads

There was a time when it was possible to make money from CPM advertising and Adwords alone. In fact, there are still a few people who are able to do this, but it is quite a labor intensive way of making money, and it is not recommended for beginners.

If you are determined to try this way of making money, do some research into high paying keywords that are popular in Adwords, and see if any of those keywords are in niches that you  know a lot about. If you are lucky, and can write about those high paying keywords, start some content websites based on those topics and add a small amount of advertising to them.

Be aware that there will be thousands of other would-be online marketers doing exactly the same thing, and many of the high paying keywords are in mind-numbingly boring niches such as medicine and insurance. If those areas happen to be your area of expertise, and you have the time to make some high quality blogs, you could make money from them, but you would be better off using other ways to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to make money while indulging your passion. You can find affiliates for almost any niche, ranging from travel to sports. Affiliate marketing is a good money-making option because it requires almost no capital outlay, and places no limits on your earning potential – if you can attract visitors to your website and persuade them to spend money, you can make a profit.

The reason that most people fail to make a good profit from affiliate marketing is that they cast their net too wide. Someone who likes cookery decides to make a “cooking blog,” going head to head against some of the biggest and most popular blogs in the world run by celebrity chefs. They would be much better off picking a narrower area of expertise such as “decorative cupcakes” or “Texan comfort food” – something that they know well, that is unique to them, and that does not have a lot of competition.

The benefit of launching more narrowly focused affiliate websites is that you can gradually expand the number of sites you run, eventually creating a network of websites, each with distinct purpose and a strong following of users.

More Affiliate Issues

Another issue that affiliates run into is choosing the wrong programs to promote. When you are choosing an affiliate program there are several things that you should look at. Firstly, how long is the cookie that is set when someone clicks on your affiliate link? If someone starts a transaction via your website, then completes it later after being reminded of the product via another website, who gets the commission – you, or the other website owner?

Another thing to consider is how well-known the program is. If you are promoting a high value product such as an electronic gadget or a holiday service, then you want to make sure that your affiliate links point to companies that people trust, and are willing to buy from online.

There’s no point being an affiliate for an expensive product if the brand is unknown and the landing page looks unprofessional, because you are highly unlikely to get enough conversions to earn decent commission.

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