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Looking for a few Visalus reviews?

Have you seen “Visalus scam” mentioned in a few reviews and are a bit hesitant to move forward because of that?Visalus Reviews

Let’s take a closer, unbiased (meaning I am not a distributor of their products nor do I promote their business opportunity) look at Visalus and leave the final decision entirely up to you.

Find, Study and Document Visalus Reviews

One of the best things you can do before jumping into bed with any company or business opportunity is to do your due diligence like you are doing now.

Search the internet and read as many “Visalus reviews” as you can find.

Study reviews from people who are having success as well as reviews from distributors who are struggling or who have given up on the opportunity. Watch for “Visalus scam” notices and attempt to determine why people are calling it scam.

  • What seems to be working for those who are successful?
  • What aspects of the system seem to be presenting challenges for people?
  • Has there been any lawsuits filed and by whom?

From your research, what additional costs may be involved that are not readily apparent at first glance?

Are you prepared to handle these additional costs?

Visalus Reviews – The Company

Ryan Blair started ViSalus Sciences, a Detroit-based company, in 2005 after building and losing two successful businesses in the bust. But it has only been in the past few years that Visalus has seemed to EXPLODE on the scene and, according to the the Huffington Post, Visalus is now doing over $600 million per year.

Most new network marketing companies never make it past the five year mark so Visalus has proven themselves to be an established company with a pretty impressive track record of growth and profitability.

On the internet, has ranked them as one of the top companies by “interest” – meaning a lot of people are online search for “visalus”, “visalus reviews” and “visalus scam”. In regards to interest, they rank right up there with the giants of the industry like Avon, Amway, Mary Kay and Herbalife.

Visalus Review – The Products

ViSalus Sciences is a health and wellness company offering a variety of weight loss shakes, meal replacement products and other nutritional supplements like essential oils, whole grape extracts and metabolism boosting tablets.

The best selling product is the Vi-Pak line which is promoted as the “Body by Vi Challenge”.

The Vi-Pak product line was created by Dr. Michael Siedman who currently serves as the Director of Product Research and Development for ViSalus.

Customers who buy in to the body by Vi Challenge choose from five kits, each designed to address a specific nutritional, weight loss or fitness goal. Each kit comes with the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. Some kits also include products to support metabolism, appetite suppression and energy. Anyone who participates in the Body by Vi Challenge can receive their product for free each month by sponsoring 3 or more people who purchase a kit of equivalent value.

So what’s the bottom like regarding the products?

Health and wellness is one of those evergreen categories that will always be in demand.

The challenge is there are a ton of competitors within this niche and if you decide to become a distributor of these products YOU have to ask and answer this most vital question:

“Why will people buy from YOU versus buying from the competition?”

From a business standpoint, we need to dig even deeper because the only way you make money as a distributor for any network marketing company is to move product.

You get paid on product sales. Plain and simple.

This means to make good money you will need to constantly get new customers on the product as keep distributors using the product themselves on a monthly autoship.

So the BIG QUESTION you have to ask is,

“If you did not have the potential of getting paid for promoting these products – would you or any other person in the normal “loss weight” marketplace buy these products, from this company, at these prices?”

  • Can you get a 90 day weight loss product cheaper?
  • Can you get grape extracts, essential oils and metabolism boosters cheaper from somewhere else?
  • If so, WHY would a person continue to pay inflated prices to buy them from you?

Simple, but sobering answer:

They won’t! Which means to build a profitable business you will HAVE TO find a way to get more new customers and distributors on regular basis than you are losing by attrition from lack of reorders or canceled autoships and distributorships.

Visalus Reviews – The Business Opportunity

The ViSalus compensation plan is based on a unilevel pay plan, which has been used by many successful companies in the network marketing industry.

The also offer a significant car bonus which is responsible for getting a lot of the attention the company has enjoyed on the internet. The car bonus has also, on the downside, promoted a lot of the “visalus scam” reviews you might run into.

The reason is the car bonus is pushed towards the FRONT of the compensation plan when you hit Regional Director, which requires only $12,500 in product sales volume… and this can be produced by YOU, your downline or your upline! When you reach Regional Director, you get $300 automatically added to your check. Once you actually buy or lease a new or used Black BMW, and you show them the registration papers, they give you $600.

So now let’s play this out in the real world and see if it makes sense.

You decide to join Visalus as a distributor. You get in, get busy and personally sponsor a half dozen people who purchase product. This catches the attention of your sponsor (because most people never do anything!) and they decide to add a few new people to your downline to help you “car qualify” faster.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Now you are car qualified and you get $300 added to your check but you can double this by actually buying or leasing a new or used BMW so you go make that happen. Now you get $600 to help pay for the car. But here is the catch… you must continue to MAINTAIN that product volume if you want to continue to earn that $600 commission check.

Reality check question:

“What is your plan to make that happen?”

You have already exhausted your list of family and friends and your sponsor has moved on to the next shining star to help them get car qualified. So what are you going to do to marketing and promote your new business?

  • HOW do you intend to get new customers on a regular basis?
  • HOW will you get the business opportunity in front of new prospects?
  • HOW will you marketing and promote the business?

So what’s the bottom line?

Bottom line is Visalus is yet just another network marketing company offering a compliment of health and wellness products.

SOME people make a significant income as distributors of these products but MOST people will never make enough money to even cover the cost of their monthly autoshipment of products.

Is this the fault of the company or opportunity? No.

It is because most people really have no idea what it really takes to build a profitable business once they have exhausted their family and friends.

MOST people don’t have a clue how to MARKET and you are highly encouraged to figure that out first before joining ANY company… including Visalus.

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Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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