Video Marketing Tips for the Not So Video Savvy

video marketing tipsToo shy to make an online video? Or perhaps you don’t know just how to go about it?

Then the following video marketing tips will be quite helpful to you.

Everyone knows that making a video to be published on the Internet can be a daunting task.

But if you’re marketing a product or service, then these videos are essential for your long-term success.

Video Marketing Tips

Don’t Spend a Fortune

You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to create and publish your video.

Some content creators get frustrated at the cost and frown at the dismal exposure level they achieve.

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Remember that an inexpensive camera, even the one on your smart phone, will work. This is one of the video marketing tips that will save you a lot of money (not to mention the reduced amount of frustration).

Use YouTube, But Don’t Forget the Rest!

YouTube is the number one place on the web to upload and promote your videos. Millions of people worldwide visit the site so it makes sense to make an account for your business and upload promotional videos there. But don’t forget YouTube’s competition like Yahoo! Videos, MetaCafe, or Google Videos. They have a following too, you know (and they’re all free!).

Keep Things Down to Earth

This truly deserves to be one of the top ranking video marketing tips on this list. Unless you’re marketing slick video creation tools and techniques, you shouldn’t worry too much about editing and making your video look perfect. The little mistakes you make will make your brand more human and a little more down to earth.

Make the Content Truly Compelling

Next in our list of video marketing tips is about your video’s content. Make sure that the video itself will be something that your target market segment can use. If you’re creating a scuba diving website, then create content that viewers can use (from beginner tips to running your own scuba outfitting business). The important thing is the value you are giving in the video.

Even More Video Marketing Tips

Don’t Forget Keywords and Related Search Phrases

People usually find your video through search engines, which make this one of the video marketing tips that will save you from utter frustration. You want better exposure? Then you should use related keywords for the title and description of your video.

Comments are There for a Reason

Do you ever wonder why there is a comments section on YouTube and other video sharing sites? Some people use it to spam or slam videos but you can use it to interact with potential leads. You can use them just like the comments section in a blog.

Add Some Catchy Music!

This is one of the video marketing tips on this list that you should never forget. The audio in your video should be something that the viewers will never forget. Add some catchy music before, after, or during the entire video. It can also help you build your specific brand.

Make the Content Delightful, If Not Surprising

Make the content delightful for your target audience. If your market is MMA fight fans, then include memorable mixed martial arts clips. If your target market is about families, perhaps include a family scene that everyone can relate to. Think outside the box and add visual effects that reflect your creativity.

Don’t Forget Your Spiels

This is one of the video marketing tips for making professional looking clips. Don’t forget to include an opening and a closing spiel. Remember to say your name and mention the name of your business. You can do this at the beginning of the video, at the end, or, even better, both.

Create Transcripts of Your Videos

If you’re making a how-to video then you might want to include a transcript of everything you just said in your clip. You can actually upload it onto YouTube in Word format. Remember to include your keywords in your transcript since it can be used for SEO purposes.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Subscribers

This is one of the video marketing tips you need to remember when making a call to action. You don’t always have to ask your viewers to buy your stuff. Sometimes you just need them to subscribe to your videos. If they subscribe to your videos, it will spread the word and increase your exposure to other potential customers for free.

Share Your Stuff in Social Media

You should know by now not to underestimate social media. Don’t just share your videos in your official Facebook page. Use other social media channels such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and others. That’s where your customers hang out so you better make sure that you’re there too.

Don’t Forget to Annotate!

This is one of the video marketing tips you can use after you have everything set up. Take advantage of YouTube Annotations. You can use it to link your older videos to the ones that you have just uploaded recently. It’s a way to redirect your viewer’s attention to the rest of your message.

Remember: The First Five to Ten Seconds are Important

Do you remember the opening scenes of the last major motion picture you’ve seen? Do you remember the video preview they used? They usually catch the audience’s attention and they’re catchy.

That’s exactly what you need to do in the first five to ten seconds of the video. In fact, that should be the first thing you should be doing in the first minute. The idea is to captivate your audience and give them something that they will never forget. This is one of the video marketing tips that will help you capture your potential leads.

Make It Personal

Include interviews of actual people (if possible, your real customers are best) to make your video clip more personal. People respond better to something that happens in real life situations. Don’t sell the drama, sell the real life event and touch base with your potential clients.

This list of video marketing tips is not exhaustive. Some of the things mentioned here can very well be expounded upon. To learn more, you should take advantage of lead generation boot camps and other proven marketing systems. The good news is that some of them are actually for free.

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