Making Video Internet Marketing Work For You

video internet marketingDo you want to know why video internet marketing works?

Video is one of the powerful ways to get your marketing message across your customers, prospects, and leads.

If you want to grow your business online, you should include video content.

The Aesthetics of Your Website

Every website has three elements that make it attractive to your site’s visitors.

The first one is the visual aspect of the pages which is achieved by your site’s layout, CSS styling, as well as the images you include in it.

The next one is conceptual which is achieved by the text content of your site.

The last one is aural in case you also include some audio to your site.

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Now, there is one element that can be added to your site that combines all three of these aesthetic elements.

If you said video, then you’re right. That is why video internet marketing is vital to any campaign on the web. You immediately capture your audience’s attention using all three elements.

What Makes Internet Videos So Valuable?

When people read the textual content of your site they are in control of how much they want to take in. They decide when to stop reading and assimilate the information. They also decide where to begin and they can cherry pick through your text getting only the highlights but not really all of the details.

That is not the same case when you present video content on your site. It puts the control back into your hands. That is one of the important values provided by video internet marketing.

Of course, your site visitors can pause or stop the online video altogether. However, there is that compelling feeling that once you have started viewing a clip that you want to see it from start to finish. If the video catches the audience’s interest then they have a huge tendency to view the entire thing.

The end result of course is that you have a medium that combines all three aesthetic elements, attracts their attention, and delivers the complete message you were trying to deliver. That’s the power of video internet marketing.

Delivering A Million Messages in Just One Second

A popular line from a song once hinted that a picture has the capability of conveying a thousand words. This can be demonstrated by easily by simply looking through photographs and other important memorabilia. The amount of information that can be conveyed in one picture can outnumber any message that can be provided through text.

And in terms of video internet marketing, you don’t just have one picture. You have an array of images that brings message upon message upon message. Each second that your prospects stick around to watch your video, the more messages you are able to send.

In the first few seconds of the video, your audience perceives a message that they can relate to. When you hit five seconds or more, your audience has already created an emotional response. At this point you can insert a small opt in or call to action if you want, that’s just during the first ten seconds of the video.

At this point (whether you included a call to action or not) your audience is already evaluating the value of what they have just seen. In the next five seconds your audience will continue to evaluate the value of what they have seen so far and decide whether they will opt in or not. That’s an important cycle in video internet marketing.

Providing That Personal, Human Touch

Adding videos to your site adds a face to face touch between your company and the customers and/or prospects. You don’t get that same effect using text or video all the time. It makes your business look more human; something that customers can touch base with.

It also affects your branding; make your videos look more professional and your brand will be seen as a legit that can offer professional services or products. That’s an important technique provided by video internet marketing.

Helping Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

Video internet marketing also helps your SEO efforts. Studies have shown that video snippets on organic search results get clicked more often than search results that don’t have one. To get this, all you need to do is make a few technical mark ups on your site.

Video internet marketing also helps you create quality back links. A 2009 study by SEOmoz shows that websites that have video content gets more inbound links than other sites that only have text and pictures. The study also discovered that the more diverse the media types and presentation on a site the higher links it can generate.

Don’t forget video search engines. Second to Google, YouTube is at the heart of video searches on the planet today. Well, that and Vimeo followed by some smaller video sharing franchises. YouTube has eaten up the majority of the market.

If you want to engage your prospects where they usually hang out to watch videos then you better create your company’s own YouTube channel. You can rank your videos there as well as in Google. This eventually increases brand awareness which in turn will increase your customer base. That is another benefit you’ll get from video internet marketing.

Making All the Elements Work Together

The three aesthetic sections of your website were mentioned earlier. That having been said, it doesn’t mean that you fill your site with videos that you instantly get a better market share. A website that only has videos is self-defeating.

Studies show that if all the elements of your site work together (i.e. text, video, pictures, design style, etc.) your visitors will become more actively engaged. This means that they will stay longer in your pages. This will eventually translate into better conversion rates.

Remember that having good content is already a good thing. But integrating them to bring about a targeted result is a lot better. And that is at the heart and soul of video internet marketing.

Of course not every bit of info can be squeezed into this page. You will learn so much more if you participate in lead generation boot camps. The best thing about these lead generation systems is that a lot of them is free.

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