Video Email Marketing Concepts and Tips for Beginners

video email marketingVideo email marketing is quickly becoming a major tool used by Internet marketers today.

Many professionals doubted its effectiveness just a few years ago, but things are quickly changing.

Who would ever think that videos can become a significant part of email marketing?

The Effectiveness of Video Email Marketing

Back in 2013 it was reported that around 52% of marketers or marketing managers for business to business companies have incorporated video email marketing strategies.

That’s a huge chunk of the competition taking advantage of a new technological trend.

60% of people who actually use video email marketing say that it is an effective tool and that it actually improved their rates of customer conversion.

The same marketing techniques used to gather prospects are also effective internally within an organization. It can be used to enhance employee communications.

However, video emails are actually most effective for lead creation and the promotion of a company’s products and services. 55% of marketers surveyed in 2013 say that they have used video emails for these very purposes. That number has grown significantly to the present day.

Video Email Marketing Tips and Suggestions

The following are some suggestions to make your video email marketing campaign more effective. Each company must make its own specific Internet marketing strategy that suits their needs. Most of the suggestions included here can be applied to any Internet marketing lead generation strategy.

Video Email Tip #1 – Make Every Effort to Make It Visible

It is assumed that you already have a good mailing list and that you have an email marketing campaign already in place. The next step after obtaining your mailing list is to include videos in your next emails. However, make sure that the video you include is easily visible.

That means making the video the main topic of your email. Of course, you can make the text and other info the main focus of your email since it’s really up to you. However, it has been proven time and again that it is so much more effective to make emails about the video. That way the recipients will be more likely to view the video.

Other than putting the spotlight on the video that you worked so hard to put together, the text included in your email should support the content of the video. Don’t just describe the video in the text, you can plant questions in the minds of the recipients and let them find the answers in the video you included. That’s only one of the video email marketing techniques you can incorporate.

Video Email Tip #2 – Ensure the Quality of the Video You Have Created

Many video email marketing experts suggest that your company should only send out videos that look professionally made. There are only a few instances when you should send out videos that look like they were made by customers or end users. There is a good reason why you should stick to high quality videos.

If you make low quality videos, you take the risk of hurting your brand. Remember, your videos represent your company and your specific brand. It also reflects the level of professional service that you are able to deliver.

It is true that videos created using a smartphone or some other point and shoot device with minimal editing can save you some money. But that should only be sent out to customers on a few occasions (if not rarely). One exception is when you are trying to show your customers the human side of your business.

Video Email Tip #3 – Make Your Call to Action Really Clear

One of the common mistakes in video email marketing is forgetting to make a clear call to action. Some Internet marketers either forget to add one or make one but it won’t be that specific about it. Well, doing either of these errors will result in a lot of potential leads.

Sure, you had a great multimedia presentation that your customers will remember for quite a while. You could have capitalized on that effect by adding a short call to action like liking your company’s Facebook page, visiting your official company website, downloading a free catalog, or subscribing your YouTube channel. The rule here is not just to create a high impact memorable experience; you should also make it absolutely actionable.

Video Email Tip #4 – What to Include in Your Video

This is actually one of the most common questions in video email marketing. The subject matter of the video you send out is an important subject in any Internet campaign. For starters, you can talk about your company.

You can talk about your business, what it is all about, and perhaps one or two testimonials from your current clients. That will be a good start to any video email campaign. But you need to move on from there.

If you are running a company blog, you can get ideas from comments and suggestions from those who frequent it. You can create a video email that answers customer inquiries. You can also create customer tips and interact with the concerns they post on your blog. The bottom line here is to make your videos valuable and relevant to your current customer base.

Video Email Tip #5 – Video Length

This is another significant concern in video email marketing. Of course, you don’t want to send an hour long video to your prospects. You have no idea what content will ring a bell with them. To answer the question of video length, it will depend on which customer tier your audience is on.

If they belong to the top tier of new prospects and leads then a 30 second video is already long enough. If you’re sending the email to clients down the lead funnel then the video should eventually get longer. You already know what they want. You can already address specific concerns they may have since you already know them (i.e. you have already built a relationship founded on trust with your customers).

These video email marketing ideas are not extensive. There is a ton of information that you should learn. It is in your best interest to sign up for online marketing lead generation boot camp to learn online video marketing and other related concepts. Many of them are free by the way.

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