Dos and Don’ts in Using Facebook for Marketing

using facebook for marketingAs of today, Facebook has 400+ million users, and this number is still growing.

It is now considered the most visited site in the Internet, next to Google.

Unlike other social media sites, Facebook started out just fine and grew like wildfire. Many users were attracted to the way it changed how people communicate.

And so it continued to grow and keep people updated.

Along with the new phase that the web is going through today, the site has also developed into a more efficient website, giving its users a more personalized experience.

Users from different parts of the globe use Facebook for many reasons.

They make updates, chat with friends, update their profiles, and sometimes play games.

While others use Facebook for fun and entertainment, Internet marketers are using it as a platform to market their products and services.

The massive number of people who are using Facebook is one of the reasons why it is a viable way to reach millions of users who can be prospective customers. However, using Facebook for marketing must be taken slowly and strategies must be considered carefully.

As much as you want to immediately get your sales to rise up like a rocket, aggressively selling and upfront marketing of products is highly discouraged in Facebook. Users usually shy away from people who sell aggressively to them, so Facebook marketing must be seen in a different way.

To be successful in using Facebook for marketing, marketers must know the dos and don’ts in promoting their products. Having the knowledge on what to do and what no to do on Facebook is vital for you to be successful in using the site as a marketing tool. So, to help you use the site effectively, here are the dos and don’ts in using Facebook for marketing.

Dos in Using Facebook for Marketing

1.    Create an Informative and Interesting Facebook Profile

In using Facebook for marketing, your Facebook profile should be informative enough for people to learn from it. Additionally, an interesting profile where you add up some interesting facts and information can also spark the interest of the people who see it.

It is important that you make a profile that interests people so they’ll be enticed to visit and take a look at what your page has in store for them. A boring profile will never get likes the same way a stiff one will not.

So make sure to balance everything; as much as you want to appear formal and professional, taking things too seriously will give off a strict and business-like aura that some people might not like. Therefore, make sure your profile appears interesting and informative but creative as well to draw people’s attention to it.

2.    Be Helpful and Friendly

Although you are using Facebook for marketing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be friendly to other people. Actually, being helpful and friendly can earn you some prospects. Since the majority of the people on the site are there to interact to other users, update their profiles, and communicate, it will be of help that you are friendly to them.

When they ask about your products and services, always keep that upbeat, friendly, and willing-help tone. It keeps the customers feel welcomed. Keep your conversations friendly and formal but not too formal or too friendly.

3.    Update your Page Frequently

For your page to be noticed by many users, it is important that you frequently update it. Post updates and some interesting things that are related to your products and services. Your posts should be tied to your products. However, do not get too serious with just posting anything that connects to your business. Loosen up sometimes and try posting silly pictures or quotes. Humorous posts would earn your page a number of likes from customers.

Don’ts of Using Facebook for Marketing

Here some valuable things that you need to remember in using Facebook as a marketing tool. These 3 important things are what you should avoid so you won’t end up putting your business in a bad light.

1.    No Upfront Selling

Every Internet marketer should remember this rule: nothing bugs a user more than seeing a flood of advertising pages on their newsfeed. It’s kind of annoying to see marketers acting like ‘marketers’ on Facebook by pitching a sale to every user who likes their page.

Instead of driving prospects to your site, users will shy away and avoid your page especially if all you do is promote and advertise what you do. If you are selling some clothes or perfume, you can probably post pictures of fashion tips on your page or ‘how to pair’ pictures for people to get interested. That is way better than upfront selling and makes you more professional and reliable.

2.    Do NOT Spam on Facebook

Spamming or bombarding your page with annoying obvious advertising of your products won’t do you any good. It would be your ticket to downfall because people won’t like your page. Remember that if you like a page, every update will appear on the newsfeed.

And so if you bombard your page with millions of post, that can be really annoying to the newsfeed of users who liked your page. Instead of doing that or sending a personal message to every user asking them to like your page, be interactive and help them.

Limit your posts and make them relevant. Make your posts sweet and short but informative and useful.

3.    Avoid Using Quotes from Famous People    

While it is appealing to use quotes for your posts, it appears dull and not original. When you post something on your page, make the words real and unique. Using quotes, especially the overused ones lose their relevance and are ignored by most users.

So if you want to use a line or phrase that can capture the interest of users then think of a distinctive one. However, you still need to create something that is related to what you are marketing for.

Using Facebook for marketing is an important strategy that can definitely increase traffic to your site. With the number of users who use it every day, it’s no wonder why people use it to promote or display their products and services. However, using it takes more cautious actions.

Not everyone who is using Facebook for marketing their products become successful. That is because the majority of them are using it the wrong way. So, it is certainly helpful that you know what you should and shouldn’t do when using it to market your product.

If you have memorized by heart these important things to do and not do, then using Facebook for marketing can be your best marketing tool.

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