How to Use Facebook for Marketing Campaigns

use facebook for marketingDeveloping a strong online business presence with a website, blog, and social media network sites is important to beat the competition, or gain the competitive edge.

Many successful companies use Facebook for marketing campaigns because Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and other search engines quickly index the site.

Currently, Facebook has over 500 million users, and there is an amazing opportunity to drive tremendous amounts of traffic to websites using a Facebook fan page.

In fact, a Facebook business page helps raise rankings of the company website in search engine queries.

In addition, it can alert company fans of discounts, special offers, newly launched products, and events.

It works so well that many businesses set up more than one Facebook business page based on each specific niche market they are involved in, along with the products and services they provide.

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Unlike a Facebook personal page, business pages on Facebook offer unlimited access to everyone, and can be located from a search query on Google. They are easily updated to manage offers and discounts and serve as the ideal tool for building long-lasting relationships with existing and potential customers.

Like all social media platforms, Facebook provides the opportunity to create an interactive community with a customer base, to enhance the company brand, and build a solid reputation online.

Use Facebook for Marketing – Brand Awareness

Many companies use Facebook for marketing as a way to generate brand awareness. This is done by attracting a targeted audience interested in the products and services or information the company provides. Building and maintaining a brand requires the need to push company logos, products, services and customer service in front of the largest interested audience possible. With over half a billion members, and numbers continuing to grow every day, Facebook provides this unique opportunity.

Free Exposure

Decades ago, before the invention of the Internet, the advertising budgets of successful companies were huge. However, there are many social media platforms, like Facebook, that offer free exposure in an effective way. Every time an online viewer lands on the company’s business page, and re-posts information to family and friends, it spreads the word about the business at no cost. If the video or written content information is entertaining, it can easily go “viral” and spread like wildfire around the globe for free.

Customer Engagement on Facebook

Businesses understand how to use Facebook for marketing as a way to engage the customer through interaction. In fact, the site provides a variety of tools including the ability to create events, run contest, take surveys and communicate new promotions. Maintaining interaction directly with potential and existing customers provides an open forum.

The interaction can produce new ideas, allow for constructive criticism, and provide an avenue for feedback, comments and reviews on the products and services the company provides.

Some companies use Facebook as a customer service tool. Through an open forum, customers can complain, ask questions, gather information, and use the site as an effective tool to discuss any issues, problems or accolades about the products and services the company offers for sale.

Establish Expertise

Since the invention of advertisements, many marketers have “pushed” their message onto a potential consumer. However, blatant advertising, or an “in your face” ad is limited by its own capacity to simply state facts or show products. Alternatively, social media platforms, especially Facebook, help establish the company’s expertise. It poses and answers questions, publishes useful content about products and services, and develops a following of viewers interested in the site’s expertise status.

In addition, Facebook helps manage the company’s reputation, and provides an additional link to the business website where interested audiences might be searching for the company or the products and services they provide.

Increase Website Traffic

The easiest way to generate continuing profits is to increase traffic to the company’s website, through the Facebook portal. Online viewers visiting the company’s Facebook business page can click through on a link to the business website. As a marketing tool, Facebook can easily increase website traffic, which eventually will produce higher conversion rates, better “calls to action” and greater profits.

Social media marketing has now become a crucial component of every business marketing plan. Even though there are numerous social media platforms available, Facebook remains the largest and easiest platform to produce successful results.

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