Turning UP Your Income Thermostat

Fighting a Losing Battle?

Fighting a Losing Battle?

Twelve years ago, I worked for a large corporation here in Carson City, NV as a copywriter.

The job paid well but it was a job and I knew, deep down, I was destined to live XXL

So I worked 8 to 5 to pay the bills and feed the dog but was busy building a business part-time from home from 6 to midnight.

My part-time business soon took off and it was producing a nice $75,000 per year annual income BUT it took about 3 hours of work per day to pull it off.

Of course, at this point I was adding ONTO this business to grow it even bigger and really could not afford to continue to “trade time for dollars” – even if the dollars made a nice $75,000 pile at the end of the day.

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James worked in the I.T. department.

He lived in an apartment and helped take care of his aging grandmother.

He was a nice guy. He earned about $30,000 a year working 8 to 5.

Turning Up Your Income Thermostat

So I made James a proposal.

I would GIVE him my new business and teach him everything he needed to know to not only continue producing the current volume of sales… but also to increase them.

The deal would be 80/20 – he would do ALL the work, I would provide the SYSTEM and we would split the proceeds. He would keep 80% and I would take 20%.


James accepted the deal and immediately quit his job.

And why not?

By simply following my instructions and putting in only three hours per day… he stood to earn almost DOUBLE what he used to earn working eight hours a day.

nd if he actually put in a couple more hours, hired a couple employees and leveraged the time, talent and expertise of a few people… he could earn a nice six-figure annual income!

Funny thing, though…

  • James only put in one or two hours per day
  • James never grew the business at all
  • James only worked hard enough to cash in $30,000 per year!

Lesson Learned…

You Earn EXACTLY What You Think You Are Worth

After a few months of encouraging James to produce without success, I took the business back and gave it to another friend. He was also earning about $30,000 a year at his job. Riley was a bit sharper. He kept his job and worked the business part-time after work. BUT he only worked it hard enough and long enough to buy a new truck. He paid cash. Then never worked the business again. Jeez. Lesson learned…

You Earn EXACTLY What You Think You Are Worth

So I took the business back and sold it. In hindsight I should have kept it, quit my job, and expanded the business. But, alas…

You Earn EXACTLY What You Think You Are Worth

… and I hadn’t grown into that reality yet. So where is YOUR income thermostat set?

  • $30 a year?
  • $50k?
  • $100,000?

Chances are your comfort zone when it comes to money is within $50,000 of the average annual income of the people to hang out and associate with.

If you hang out with people earning $50,000 a year… chances are you earn very close to 50k a year as well and would FEEL out-of-place and uncomfortable hanging out with people earning 20k or 100k a year.

But if you did decide to HANG OUT WITH PEOPLE EARNING MORE… though you will feel out-of-place and uncomfortable for while… eventually this will lead you into becoming more and earning more.

You will absolutely do whatever you must to become an accepted part of this new tribe. Make sense?

Willing to give it a shot? If not, why not? And if not now… when?

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore

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