Rob Fore’s Story Behind the Glory

Rob Fore MLSP Hall of Fame

There is a HUGE price to pay for success. HUGE!

One way or the other, it is going to cost you.

Physically. Emotionally. Psychologically. And even spiritually if you get too big too fast or struggle too hard for too long.

Because if success comes to fast or too big and YOU have not yet grown into the person you need to be to handle all of that… self-sabotage isn’t unusual. It’s quite common, actually.

Self-sabotage isn't unusual. It's quite common, actually. Get up and get over it. Click To Tweet

Yet, if it seems like you have been walking in circle for years and you STILL find yourself struggling to produce consistent results and if it seems the harder you try the more things go south or the more confusing it all gets…

You’re not alone. Heck no!

There is always a story behind the glory. Count on it. So the question is, 'Are you ready to WRITE your own story'? Click To Tweet

Rob Fore, MLSP Hall of Fame 2015

Hey, it’s not like winning a Grammy or anything but in my world it is pretty special to be one of four leaders inducted in the MLSP Hall-Of-Fame the inaugural year.

Wanna hear the STORY behind the glory?

I joined MyLeadSystemPro right after they launched in 2008 because I was tired of buying leads and prospecting them on the phone and I was looking for a better way. But, frankly… didn’t see it and I promptly quit within the trial period.

Almost a year later I stumbled onto a video by David Wood and find myself once again joining MLSP only this time I was ready for it. This time I simply made a decision to get in, get busy and figure it out.

Plain and simple.

Here’s a snap shot of my first 90 days of results:

MLSP 90 Day Results - Rob Fore

What you don’t see is the 2-4 hours PER DAY I spent at the computer learning how to set everything up so I could get paid… then picking and learning a marketing method… creating a daily plan, setting a time and financial budget AND actually doing all the work to move the business forward and it was like…

Yikes! Is it worth it? Really?!

90 Days of Blood, Sweat & Tears Then Magic!

David Wood was having success with “article marketing” back in 2010 when I started following him so I naturally played “follow the leader” because success does leave clues and I’m no dummy. So I picked article marketing and blogging and for the next 90 days…

I did whatever was necessary to write, research, publish and promote ONE new article, video or blog post per day.

Every day. And it was hard. And I wasn’t seeing any FANTASTIC results.

But I kept the faith and kept going.


Within six months the COMPOUNDING RESULTS started to get noticed. We hit the leaderboards and got recognized as Leader of the Month and went on to make over $100,000 in affiliate commissions in 14 months.

Today we have pushed over 33,000 leads through the MLSP funnel system and have earned well over $750,000 in commissions. Not to mention all the BACKEND profits from building my network marketing business, selling my own products and building my brand.

There is ALWAYS a story behind the glory.

Mine went something like this.

  • Years of faking it. (Study. Do nothing.)
  • Years of hating it. (Prospecting. Cold Calling)
  • 90 Days of Struggling
  • 180 Days to Automate a System
  • 14 Months to 100k

… and, like compound interest, the STORY is still being written.

When will you start writing your 1st class ticket to success?

Take a look at MLSP because it could be what you’ve been looking for.

A direction. A proven system. A community that cares.

When you decide to join (again! if you’ve been in MLSP before), this time you’ll have an incredible insider advantage.

What’s that, you ask?

Me. Currently the #1 all time top income earner with MLSP!

And I’ll be there to help you get started right and keep you on track this time.

Bless and be blessed,

P.S. – Here’s a link to the original video blog post I did about hitting 100k in 14 months with MLSP. It really was not that long ago and now I’m on a mission to at least DOUBLE my MLSP business in the next 12 months and looking for partners to come along with me.

Let’s do this!


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