Taking Responsibility for Your Own Success

Who Is Responsible For Your Success?

This morning I received an email from a relatively new distributor in my primary business.

He wasn’t happy…

The long and short of it was he wants to “quit” because he felt he had not been coached or trained or carried across the finish line (by me!) to the promised land of success.

Yet, as his personal sponsor, not only am I too out-of-shape to carry anyone across the finish line…

  • I never received a copy of his reasons WHY, nor
  • a schedule of WHEN he would work the business, nor
  • even his contact information to send my normal “welcome” package

… which tells me he has never even bothered to go through our initial fast start team training system – a system designed specifically to help all new team members get off to a fast, profitable start by KEEPING IT REAL and sharing only those things that are important to focus on now, in the beginning!

Unfortunately, this “failure to start” syndrome happens far too frequently. Not only in the network marketing industry but also in the arena of “living life” in general.

So as the leader of your team, what’s the solution?

How can we help people move from a victim mind-set to flourishing as empowered individuals, business owners and take-action decision makers?

Take Responsibility For YOUR Own Success

It all starts here. YOU must become the master of your own ship, first.

A victim of circumstances is a person who refuses to take responsibility for the situation they are in. Someone or something else is always to blame.

I’m not rich because no one has died and left me a fortune.

So first things first. Turn the problem upside down and place yourself in the position of responsibility.

I’m not rich because I have haven’t done what is necessary to become rich.

Oh no! Do you see yet another problem here?

By taking responsibility you have empowered yourself. But the problem with being empowered is that when things go wrong (and they will) or when the results aren’t happening quite as fast as you would like (and they won’t) or when people don’t live up to your expectations (and they won’t)… when things go wrong, you have no excuses. No one and no thing to blame. Just you. You weather the storm or you don’t. But it’s not the storm’s fault either way. It’s nobody’s fault. But it is solely and only YOUR responsibility.

Take Responsibility to Motivate Yourself

Each of us have different things that motivate us to take action, but what motivates you today may change tomorrow.

When I first made the decision to do “whatever was necessary” to create a passive, residual income that would more than cover the cost of living… my motivation was the doctor had given me two years to live. So I was very motivated to produce a result FAST in order to provide for my family if the worse-case scenario came to pass.

Today, having survived that ordeal, my motivation is different. Today I’m motivated by…

  • Qualifying for company-sponsored contests
  • Attending company events and listening to success stories
  • Hanging out with other top producers because I’ve qualified to be in that inner circle
  • Sharing in the success of my team members
  • Self leadership – stretching myself to do more, better.

So what motivates you? Have you sat down and had a serious conversation with yourself to find a reason WHY so powerful, so important, so critical that nothing… absolutely nothing… will stand in your way of accomplishing your dreams and goals? If not, why not?

Because, ultimately, it’s in your own best interest to accept responsibility for getting what you need to succeed.

You need to believe in the magic of self leadership.

The only way in which anyone can lead you is to restore to you the belief in your own guidance. – Henry Miller

Take Responsibility to Lead Yourself

Before you can expect to lead others you must learn to lead yourself.

Have you done what you expect your team to do? Have you…

  • Set clear short-term and long-term goals?
  • Scheduled time to build your business?
  • Scheduled time for personal development?
  • Generated an action plan?
  • Established priorities?
  • Started studying “what to say and how to say it”?
  • Monitored and evaluated your results and shared them with your sponsor or more experienced upline leader or coach?

When your competence is low, you need direction; when your commitment is low, you need support.

If you don’t know HOW to do something… find someone who does know how and simply follow the instructions. Stick with it. Don’t give up. Building a skill set often takes more time and effort than you have initially considered.

If you don’t feel motivated to do something… read books, attend events, hang out with those people around you who are motivated and who are living lives of discovery and opportunity. Do what you need to do to motivate yourself. Find your reason why. Seriously. Do it now.

Don’t get derailed by disillusionment! Take responsibility for enlightening yourself.

Bless and be blessed,

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